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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Website Layout Chance
Got tired of old layout. Decided it needed to be changed. Hope you like it.
11:13 am cdt

Friday, December 16, 2011

I have not posted for a while since I did not have anything to say.  I have been spending my time working with SynthMaker, creating new vsti plugins and learning the software so I have not been working so much on music.
10:21 am cst

Sunday, July 24, 2011

PC Upgrades
While working on my last music track, I realized I was reaching the limit of my DAW and vst plugins.  Some of the vst plugins are very large and demand a lot of RAM and CPU power.  My mix down had some clicks due to buffer issues and just trying to play it in the DAW caused some lagging.  I was using the PC on-board sound chip and had only 1.5 Gb RAM.  I recently installed a new Creative Blaster Audigy SE sound card and upgraded the RAM to 2.5 Gb.  This improved the performance very noticeably.  For play back, I instaled a new Logitech Z313 2.1 speaker system.  Now I can hear more of the bass and frequency ranges to truly see how the music track will sound.
I also edited my latest track - "Redox" and posted.  I reworked the kick drum to give it more thump using EQ, delay, and compression.
12:15 pm cdt

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Added New VST Plugin -
I have to admit, lately I am having more fun building and developing vst plugins than actually creating music tracks.  It does help teach about sound creation and shaping with filters, both useful in music creation.  It seems to take more time to create music than the vsts.  Check out the synth on the vst page of this website and download a copy to use free.
9:18 am cdt

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6/22/11 New Tutorial Kick Drum Enhancement with a Sine Wave
I added a new tutorial today describing how to use a simple sine wave to enhance your kick drum sounds.  The tutorial is based on the on located on the AudioTutsPlus website (http://audio.tutsplus.com/tutorials/mixing-mastering/enhancing-the-kick-drum-with-sine-waves/).  I created a tool called "Kick in-hancer to help with this task.  I will post the Kick In-hancer vst plugin soon so you can try it out if you like.  Check out my tutorial on the VST and Music Creation page of this website.
10:36 pm cdt

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