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Tutorials About VST and Music Creation

I have used the free graphics software program, Paint.NET, to create graphics and GUIs for my vst plugin synths.  The Gynth name graphic was created in the program using a free Fire Font.  The purple GUI for the 2Osc Synth was created using the 1st Tutorial (see below).  It works best in SynthMaker to use png with alpha graphics, especially for GUIs.  The following are tutorials for creating graphics that can be used in SynthMaker.  Click on the link and a new window with the pdf document of the tutorial will open up for viewing.
Tutorial 1 - Brushed Metal Affect in Paint.Net
This tutorial covers how to make a simple brushed metal background for use in vst gui graphics.

click here to download file

Tutorial 2 - Creating a Scope Background For Use In SynthMaker.
For this tutorial, I am using the free graphics program, Paint.Net, to create a simple oscilloscope background and use it in the scope module in SynthMaker.
Click the link below to view the tutorial.

click here to download file

Tutorial 3 - Using SynthMaker CM
I have written up from my notes and experiences while using the CM version of SynthMaker to create my vst plugins, information that I hope is useful if you want to use the software.  Click on the link below to open up the tutorial pdf file.

click here to download file

Tutorial 4 - How to Make a Balance-Volume Control
In SynthMaker CM
This tutorial shows how to creat a balance-volume control in SynthMaker CM and provides a work-around for non-accessible or not included primitive components.

click here to download file

Tutorial 5 - Vocals Without a Singer
This tutorial gives info on how to create vocals using text to speech synthesis.  The resulting vocals can sound pretty good, but don't expect to be able to match a real voice.  But for special lyrics and music types, it may be just what you need.

click here to download file

Tutorial 6 - How to Make Music
In this tutorial I walk you through how to create a simple trance music track using available free music loops and midi files you can download form the internet.  I use Sony Music Studio 7 as the sequencer/DAW.

click here to download file

Tutorial 7 Enhancing Drum Kicks with Sine Waves - 6/22/11
In my track creation, I normally layer different kick drum loops to give it depth and beef.  But after reading how to enhance kick drums with just a sine wave at the AudioTutsPlus website (http://audio.tutsplus.com/tutorials/mixing-mastering/enhancing-the-kick-drum-with-sine-waves/), I wanted to try that technique.  However, I use Sony Music Studio 7 and the tutorial uses Logic Pro 8.  I did not have the tools to set up a noise gate.  So using SynthMaker CM, I created a simple tool to enhance kick drums.  It is basically a wave player with a noise gate and a ADSR to shape the wave.  I loaded in a short 50 Hz sine wave audio file.  Any file can be used in my SynthMaker CM "Kick In-hancer" vst plugin and can also be used to enhance loops or instruments other than just a kick drum.
Following the tutorial, first import into your DAW, a good sounding kick drum loop.

Example of kick loop in DAW

Here is how the kick drum sounds without any enhancement:

Following the AudioTutsPlus tutorial, create a midi track and add notes (such as shown above).  Adjust the wave ADSR to give minimal attack and long decay and sustain.  Then adjust the noise gate to -9.0 db threshold and adjust the attack and release as necessary for example:

Example Kick In-hancer settings

Here is how the kick drum sounds with the enhancement:

This sine wave enhancement give the kick drum a "fat thump" sound.  The AudioTutsPlus tutorial actually uses side-chaining to actually enhance the kick with the sound wave.  But this technique described above does a good job as well.

VST and Music Tutorials