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Last updated 10/27/13

I am a chemist by education and have no formal music training except a year of piano lessons when I was in high school.  However, two years ago, I became interested in creating music.  This website details my adventure into music production.

On this site, I'm going to provide examples of some of the music I have created as well as some software virtual technology instrument (VSTi) plugins I have created in SynthMaker.  Click on the media player below for a music sample.  It was created using my Gynth VSTi plugin.  Go to the VSTs and Tools Page to download Gynth to try for yourself.
Other examples of my music are posted on Sound Cloud website.  Go to the Ph DJ Music on the menu to the left to see and listen to examples of my music.


Click on the Album cover to go to a sample song at Sound Cloud.

Chemistry was my first album.  I was just starting out, learning to create music with loops mostly, learning how to master audio files, add effects, etc.  The cover was created by my daughter Nicole using a photo of me in a lab coat and placing me into an old photo of a laboratory.  The concept was I was the chemistry music maker, had just created some music in an erlenmeyer flask, and am pouring the music (notes) out.  I think the cover came out well.


Click to album cover to listen to a sample at Sound Cloud.

Universe Within is my second album.  The artwork for the CD cover was created by my daughter, Nicole.  You can view her other photography, graphics, and art examples on her website: www.studionameless.com

I continually add new content to this web page so please check back often.  Several tutorials are available covering creating a music track, using SynthMaker vst plugin creation software program, to creating graphics for use in SynthMaker.
On my blog, I post news of updates and short talks about topics in music creation, DAWs, sound creation, and SynthMaker software program.

I created several music tracks while learning to use audio editors and DAWs, mostly prepared from music loops.  I thought they were pretty cool, so after I had created enough loops that I thought were good, I put them on an album and made copies for family and friends.  Later I created enough for a second album and again it went to family and friends.  However, as I listened to more and more music at places like the Sound Cloud website, I began to realize how beginner and amateurish my tracks sounded.
I kept at it, learning techniques and tricks in producing music tracks.  I have created better tracks, but they still do not measure up to the quality of many of the others.  I have gained a lot of knowledge about audio and audio manipulation, and currently trying to develop the skills to create original music.
I like music of all genres.  I particularly like contemporary celtic music (not the bar-style songs) similar to groups like the Cranberries, the Drovers, U2, and others.  I think bagpipes music adds a very distinct sound to the celtic music if used right.  If you watch movies, no doubt you have heard this style music used as the theme or background music.
I have posted my album covers and sample songs to the right.

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips.


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