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FamilySearch Library Resources
Extensive archive indexes searchable by a variety of modes.
Some publications have been fully scanned & are viewable online or downloadable.

Check with your local library you may have a similar free access options available. LA COUNTY LIBRARY - Heritage Quest (Free with Los Angeles County Library Card.)
Check with your local library you may have a similar free access option available. LA CITY LIBRARY
Various Databases - free US GENWEB PROJECT
Excellent network for source information provided by volunteers.
Most all states and counties have web pages.
(When on GENWEB sites if you run into links that now are subscription or pay-for-access sites please provide the web administrators with feedback. It is the only way to cull out the unwanted items.) FIND A GRAVE
An extensive number of cemeteries searchable by individuals names. INTERMENT.NET Transcriptions of cemetery records and tombstone TEAFOR2
Cemeteries searchable by individuals names. Obituary Central
Some parts free. Also, you may be able to extract enough information to help your research from the free summations.

SOCIAL SECURITY Death Index Sources (not direct SSI sites) CHECK ALL SITES
SSDI Search at Rootsweb
SSDI Search at
SSDI Search at
Calif Death Index
Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates Ellis Island
For searching of immigrants who entered the United States through Ellis Island circa 1892-1954. Castle Garden Emigration port
For searching of immigrants who entered the United States through Castle Garden circa 1890-1920.

Rootsweb, when entered from their normal home page, directs you to their subscription or pay-for-access sections. These FREE PAGES links get into the sections that are harder to find from their home page FREE PAGES Homepage
Rootsweb, when entered from their normal home page directs you to their subscription or pay-for-access sections. This FREE PAGES link ROOTS WEB MAIN SURNAME PAGE [free pages] ROOTS WEB SURNAME SEARCH PAGE [free sites]

BYU Library, other Local and County Histories Online [online documents]
FamilySearch Labs showcases new family history technologies that aren't ready for prime time.
Place Finder
Record Search
FAMILY SEARCH - Free Family History, Family Tree, and Genealogy Records and Resources from Around the World
Local history and genealogy portals to the world. Extensive set of links classified by many research interest variations. SURNAME DISTRIBUTION - MAPS by Hamrick Software - U.S.
See where surnames where concentrated during various time frames dMARIE TIME CAPSULE
Find what life was like on a certain day. News, prices of commodities, music, transportation, etc. ROUNTREE's LOGS
A blog with reviews, comments and hints for family history / Genealogical work.

Consider Volunteering some time to help others in research.
Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness
RAOGK is a global volunteer organization. With over 4000 volunteers in every U.S. state and many international location. RAOGK Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness


UN-REVIEWED SITES - Sites recommend by others or found while doing online research. If you have experience with any of these your feedback will help us to properly describe them or determine if they should be left here as free links. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide E-mail us at newspapers, obituaries Jewish research Jewish research Western States data , and Japanese immigrants 1887-1924 Canadian research African- American research Bureau of Land Management Records searches, pedigrees gedcoms [sponsor: Family Tree Legends] UK an Ireland immigration records

Family History Centers
Covina California
656 S. Grand Avenue
Covina, Los Angeles County, California, United States
Phone: 626-331-7117
Hours: M, F, Sat; 9am-4pm; T,W,Th 9am-9pm.

Los Angeles California [on Temple grounds]
10741 Santa Monica Blvd
West Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States
Phone: 310-474-2202
Hours: T-Th 9am-9pm; F-Sat 9am-5pm
Attention: Basement of Visitors Center
On Friday between 2 & 5 afternoons Sister Wendy Wei who is knowledgeable in Chinese gemology research is at this family history center.

Various images are adaptations of and representation of the sites they are linked to. No copyright infringement is intended.


Commercial (pay-for-access) Family History Links
These are placed here for convenience only. This is not a recommendation on usefulness, accuracy or validity of these sites. Some had been free resources in the past which have been commercialized.
We have a strong belief in that majority of useful and accurate documentation for research is available through free sources of access. Vital Records Information for United States (birth certificate, death record, marriage license, etc.)



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