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Our entry page to resources and common interest to our family.
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"Here is my grandfathers ax.
My father fit it with a new haft and I have fit it with a new head".

Let this old proverb of unknown lineage be a guide to the validity or usefulness of these pages. They are provided with the best intentions, but...

*Our Family History Surname Pages

  • Personal Surname Pages and search engine for our site and the web.
    These pages contain our primary research interests. However, in our searches we have come across similar sounding surnames and even though they may not be directly in our lines they are listed here to help others who are also looking.
    If you have additions to suggest please let us know.

*FREE Family Research Resource Links

  • Free sites to find dig into your family history, Census, Vital Records, State Records and much more all free.

* Web Resources and Links

  • Helpful resources for Search Engines, Time Check, our Business links, etc. Things that may make searching on the web easier. [Will require a pre issued passcode]

* Odds and Ends ( interesting links and things)

  • Fun or useful (useless?) personal interest stuff we feel have value about subjects other than family history or work.
    • URBAN LEGENDS (explains some of those irritating e-mails.)
      • Postal Tax on E-mail, etc.
  • Why Cats Paint.
  • Other we call just "Junk Jewelry".
  • Check them out... (We also will consider any suggestions for addition in this area.)

* Family History Software & Tools

  • Software and other tools that make finding and organizing your family records easier.
  • Excellent product that expands PAF capabilites.

* Vancouver

  • Recent discoveries on a trip to Vancouver

 Check MarkE-mail us at if you have questions, comments or resource suggestions.

Last Revised: February 23, 2009 (created - October 5, 1998)