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These are just links to other sites and items we found of interest and importance. Enjoy them and pass the information along if you find it helpful. To get a hold of us for corrections, suggested additions, to let us know something here helped you or just to correspond; send an Email to .

Plants,Landscaping,Gardening and Xeriscaping
Xeriscaping refers to landscaping in ways that do not require supplemental irrigation. It is promoted in areas that do not have easily accessible supplies of fresh water, and is catching on in other areas as climate patterns shift.
The word xeriscaping was coined by combining xeros (Greek for "dry") with landscape.
There will be photos of our successes (and failures), along with suggestions.

Quilting,Sewing & Painting
Projects, plans, patterns will be shared along with resources.
Photos, notes and discussion to come soon.

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The Happy Factory

Since their humble beginnings, The Happy Factory has welcomed volunteers of every age -- including juvenile offenders in three state correctional facilities.
There are no paid salaries. The Happy Factory is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All the materials they use are donated and all of the toys are made by volunteers.
Every toy is donated to a child in need. The toys are made of scraps of hardwood donated by a local cabinet maker.

Why Cats Paint book

What can we say about this. This is a great site. Just go and check it out. To us it explains a lot of the behavior we see in our pets. One - why cats paint. And, Two - why we now believe all dogs are art critics.

Care Ware Link

This is a unique source for free sewing and knitting patterns for children. It evolved out of the desire to help those less fortunate families with infant deaths provide clothing for the funerals. Now there are many other resources here. Just another place in the world where someone is doing good because they care.

Hoaxes, Spam & Urban Legends

Urban Legends



Help Cut Down on Junk Email!

Beware of Urban Legends!
Is that Email real about the "post office taxing Emails", or just an URBAN LEGEND?

When you get one of those; "I need you to help me with a bank transfer.. and you'll get $$$ for helping me out" emails, go to one of these sites and check it out before you forward that Email to a friend.

Many other types of SPAM and HOAXES are detailed at these sites to help cut out the junk and make the best use of your web time.
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 Check MarkE-mail us at if you have questions, comments or resource suggestions.

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