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Em Hotep,
I welcome you in Peace!  The Power of the Gods of Ancient Egypt are all around you!  You only need to open your Mind, Body and Spirit!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Asterian Astrology
Finally, someone has brought back the Astrology of the Ancient Egyptians.  Astrologer and Author Jade Luna has reconstituted the system of Astrology used by the Ptolemy Dynasty.  It is composed of 27 Zodiacal signs!  Please Check it out, learn more learn the Accurate System, you are not the sign you think you are!
9:22 pm pdt

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Beginnings
Many people around the world are looking to new adventures in their own lives in the coming year.  New break throughs in their personal and spiritual lives! We must take our journey with good friends and loved ones.  Though always remember to trust in the Gods, for they are our true spiritual guides and only they know where we are headed and what must be done to get there. 
Remeber to meditate on your God or Goddess and pay them that rational homnage that at once commands respect! 
12:12 am pdt

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Ruling Guide
   What is the Ruling Guide? An Organized Faith, a church with priests and parishiners?  A Book? Sure all these things are surley helpful tools but are they your faith?  I should suspect that your answer will and would be no!  There are some aspects to your faith that simply cannot be put into words.  They are feelings, both moral and emotional. 
  It is the Divine inspiration that you can only gain from that Deity whom you have deicated your life too.  No priest or priestess of any religion can tell you these things.  How can any imperfect being, expect to know the path that a Deity has for you?  They do not.  Now this is not to say that a priest, priestess, chaplain Reverend or whatever name they choose to go by are not knowledgeble.  Most leaders of faiths are for the most part good and honest people who are truley inspired by a Divine presence.  When you are given insight into your path and spiritual direction by your Deity, then you will truley know and should listen.  Also seek advice from a spiritual leader, they can often help in matters of both physical, mental and spiritual.  Their advice should be heeded. 
So, the Ruling Guide is both within you and in the comfort of others.
9:48 pm pdt

Thursday, July 12, 2012

2:12 am pdt

Sokar: God of Many Aspects!
Sokar is one of the Netjer that has many different aspects to his nature.  He is the God of Death,  but also the God of Agriculture, craftmenship and way of Re-incarnation. 
1:52 am pdt

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