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This page is our opportunity to explain the services we provide. We also include some common conditions that Reiki can heip.
You are either lying on a massage table or sitting on a chair fully clothed. The Reiki practitioner places her hands lightly on your head.  Her hands will move from the head to the front of your torso or the areas that need attention. You will feel her hands warm, even hot, and deeply soothing. She will ask you to turn over, and her hands on your back bring yet another sensation of comfort.  She will end the session will a short blood circulation massage on the back, which comes with the practice of Jikiden Reiki.  You will feel you were in Wonderland and could stay there for a long while.

Here are a few of the many conditions
that Reiki may help:
Headache (tension and migraine)
Muscle pain
Nausea and discomfort from cancer treatment/surgery
Minor ailments such as:
Cuts and Burns

Besides physical illesness Reiki is useful for physical weakness and psychological problems including trauma.

Reiki is also effective for less serious problems such as nervousness, indecisveness, procrastination, and timidity, etc.

A standard Jikiden Reiki session lasts 45 minutes and costs $60.00.
For a limited time, your introductory first session -- to experience the power of Reiki yourself -- is 1/2 off, or $30.00.
I'll be happy to discuss long-term plans and discount plans once you've begun treatment. Payment is due at the time of each session, and like most alternative healing modalities, is not currently covered by medical insurance.

Office Hours:

9:00am - 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday

Weekday evening hours are available by special appointment.
 For any questions or to schedule an appointment please e-mail us:           
Phone: (484) 201-0894
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