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Mirrors of Glass
I can grind-polish-figure mirrors up to about 20" on my professional machine tables.  I have mirror Pyrex Schott glass for 6" to 10" scopes.  Email me for your F# requirements. I have one old 16" blank (4" thick) and one old 19" blank (4" thick) available for descerning astronomy needs. 
Pre-Cast Aluminum Mirror Cells
The mirror cell kits contain the cast aluminum mirror cell and all other parts to get you started with an aluminum telescope mirror cell. Sizes from 4" to 12.5" are available. Sizes above this require special handling and manufacturing.  You must decide how many support points you require, 3 points to 54 point support parts available.
Finder Scope Ring Mounts
The finder rings of various sizes are availble in raw aluminum casting. Finished finder ring mounts can be manufactured for you at additional cost.  Ring sizes from from 2" to 8" ID holes.
You do the drilling and the tapping of the bolts, nuts, and edges.
Finished Finder Rings or Mirror Cells can be obtain by contacting  or leave a message on 1-760-373-4290
The Price will vary depending on the modification required.

Mirror Holders from 4" to 6" round glass
Cells are for 3pt contact.

Mirror Cell Sizes 6" to 10"
Mirror Support from 3 pt , 6 pt or 9 points

18 point Mirror Cell for 12 to 12.5 inch
Mirror cell can be used as 3pt to 18pt rockers.

16" mirror cell with 18 point rocker arms.
16" cell weights about 18 lbs. Note small cooling fan.

Hand Made 24" cell with 36 points
Mirror Cell with or with out a backplate to fit in your tube.

Large ID type finder or telescope side car holder
Large side mount to hold finders, cameras or guide telescope

Another Large ID ring holder.
Various style Large ID mount rings are available on request.

Finder Rings of various ID sizes in Aluminum.
Rings from 2" to 8" ID can be created.

Large Finder Ring made from a piece of pipe.
This is a 4" ID aluminum pipe shaped as a finder ring.

Large telescope foot leg for 8" OD pipe.
This leg can be cast for you to build a base mount.

The telescope foot leg bolts to the 8"OD tube
You can get a set of 3 legs.