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Telescope tubes or boxes some times need support rings.  If you have a mount that  you would like to modify to hold a round tube, then you need round rings.  The rings can be fixed or hindged.   The rings can be designed to allow you to rotate your telescope tube so the eyepiece holder can be orientated for best viewing.

Below are some pictures of support rings for round tubes of all sizes.  The Rings can be simple stainless steel pipe bands, aircraft SST bands, or plumers tape with threaded pipe connectors.

Wide SST bands placed around the tube and mount.
1" wide SST bands fitted to your mount base and wrapping around your tube.

Old Pipe Bands work well to hold a tube to a mount
You can make a "U" bottom flange and add pipe straps to hold your tube

I call this my FLYING WING flange.
You can bolt cameras to the wing, the bands hold the telescope tube in the middle.

A simple Cradle with SST pipe straps
The mount is just pipe fittings

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Telescope Tube Mount Brackets
Here are some ideas for the telescope makers to mount their round tube to a flat mount plate using various methods.
1. Flying Wings made from bending sheet metal into a 'U' shape so that your tube rests on the wing edges and the bottom can be bolted to your mount. Use pipe straps to secure around the OD of the tube. Edit Text

2. Telescope Tube support methods.  Another method is to purchase a piece of "U" Channel in aluminum that is about 70% of the tube width and deep enough that your tube will not touch the bottom plate. Put pipe straps around the OD to hold in place. Edit Text

12.25" Cradle ID all aluminum Rings
Cradle is OPEN to insert tube

12.25" ID Cradle in Aluminum
Cradle closed using 1/4" by 28 thread bolts