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Telescopes usually require a finder scope of some type. This enables the viewer to point the telescope at fainter objects than the eye can see.  Finders should be at least 50 mm diameter, but can be just simple gun sites.

Currently there are many types of finders.  Each finder type requires a mount to attach it to your telescope tube.  You have to beable to adjust the finder scope or site so it co-aligns with your main telescope primary viewing direction.
Below you will find finders I have build over the years.
Simple Monocular or Binocular refractor elements can make a simple finder.
The simplest finder is a gun open site bar.
More complex finders use Laser pointers, and bulles eye laser illuminate finders that provide no light gain for the eye.
A good finder should let you see faint objects so that you can point your telescope to within the field of view of the main eyepiece being used.

A simple open air gun site finder.

A Monocular type 8x50mm finder.
Note the holder is made from Aluminum Pipe.

Finders for your telescope should help the viewer see the faint smudges they are looking for when aligning the telescope in the sky.
The best finders are ones that aid the eye in seeing fiant objects. So you need at least an 8x50mm diameter finder scope with cross-hairs in the eyepiece. An illumnated eyepiece is very helpful.
Finders come in strait through viewing and some have the 90 degree prism to make it easier for you head.
We also have a striat gun type site that will let you align to the brighter objects in the sky.

Finder rings in all sizes and shapes.
Your telescope needs a finder. You will need rings to attach it to the tube.

Some types of finder Aluminum Mounts
These are common designs but dont have much standoff distance for you head to look through the finde

Single Monocular Finder Tube designs
Left is PVC, Middle is Metal, Right is thin wall metal