Downloading Robochart

Robochart software and documentation can be downloaded at no charge. The Linux version is free for personal, educational, and government use, and for evaluation for commercial use. Without a license key (see Ordering Information) for the corresponding major version, the Solaris version runs in evaluation mode - you won't be able to save diagram files, but everything else is fully functional.

How to Download

Shift-click on a link on this page to download that archive. Unpack all archive files into your Robochart installation directory, using a command like this:
	gzcat xxx.tar.gz | tar xvf -
(gzcat is part of the GNU Zip package). You can then remove the tar.gz archive.

Robochart Product Brochure covers Motif and OPEN LOOK (PostScript)
Or view the online brochure.

Robochart/Motif 2.1

rclm21_g.tar.gz - with Linux x86_32/x86_64 (Motif 2.0) and HTML manual (810K) (1/10)
rcxm21_5.tar.gz - with Sparc/Solaris binaries (Motif 1.2 and CDE 1.0) and HTML manual (1.1M) (6/00)
rcmanps.tar.gz - PostScript manual, if you want to print a hard copy (380K) (4/00)

Robochart Manual

rcman.tar.gz - HTML (online) manual - same as in the binary packages above (180K) (4/00)
rcmanps.tar.gz - PostScript manual (380K) (4/00)
You can also browse the online HTML manual.

License Manager Update

sun4.5/dlmgr - Sparc/Solaris binary (20K) (10/01)
i86g/dlmgr - Intel/Linux binary (30K) (10/01)

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