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2 June 2005

Unknown wrote:  If Princeton and Danridge are going to be mowed by the city and the strip of land is going to be donated to the city, then why are we paying dues???  Would that be to take care of the brick wall that runs along Princeton.  Sorry to keep harping on this, but this is a thorn under my skin ever since it was talked about at the HOA meeting.  Please advise what the dues will go towards!!!



2 June 2005

Unknown wrote:  Again I ask where did these officers come from?  I am confused.  Especially since it was never determined whether or not we had a majority vote - the lawyer never finalized the results regarding this aspect of the vote.  Can anyone clear this up???



1 June 2005

Elizabeth Roper wrote:  This is in answer to Chris Allen's question regarding the election of officers.  At the last meeting held at the church, there was room on the bottom of the hoa voting form, for anyone to submit their votes for new officers.



30 May 2005
Shawn wrote:  Our new email addresses are live and active!  If you would like to communicate with your officers here are their addresses.

   Shawn -

       J.D. -

Elizabeth -


In order to save money on our website, I am currently designing it.  That means it may take a little more time before it's fully functional like we want it.  Steps of progress happen 1 at a time!



26 July 2005
Frank Juarez wrote:  Shawn and JD;
I'll gladly do some delivering. Sounds like you have your hands pretty full.  Let me know when and where.  I would like to think that I can help all the time in some form of communications.
Excellent work on OUR beginnings. Changing tires is an important job.  How else do you expect to get rolling.



25 May 2005

Shawn wrote:  Joe & all concerned, we just received the checks from Principle, they were holding them for a peiod of time to be sure no other checks came through.  The total amount received was $7221.16.  We are in the process of getting the proper documents together to open an account for PPHOA.  Hopefully we will have that done this week since we have bills already due.  We (the officers) who will be introduced more properly in an upcoming newsletter, have been working on gathering all the information to get the ball rolling.  We also have half of the 17 fileing boxes of stuff from Principle we are going through.
This week our agenda is getting a bank account opened, a P.O. Box, the website put together, and a newsletter organized.   We are also putting together an outing for all the families in Princeton Park so we can get to know you and start to build some community.

We appreciate your patience, we are not asleep at the wheel, just changing tires right now!



25 May 2005

Hello everyone, I am one of the new officers of PPHOA and we are working as we speek to get everything working for you.  We are planning a "GET TOGETHER" in June for everyone to meet,we are trying to make all the heads and tails come together as we go through over 15 boxes of paperwork we enherited from the management co.  We are looking for several more officers if anyone would like to volunteer, and we need lots of volunteer helpers to run down loose ends.  We definately are going to promote ALL of Princeton Park, not just certain areas.  We just recieved the money from the management company and are trying to get a checking account opened where we can operate.  We have contacted the city and they are going to mow along Princeton at no cost to us!  We are trying to get them to also mow on Dandrige, but that will take a little longer to arrange. We will have to appear before the city council and ask them for special consideration. Meanwhile we are trying to renogiate our contract with the company that does our
mowing since he no longer has to mow Princeton.  We are checking into the
donation of the empty lot we are paying taxes on to give it to the city if
they will build a park on it.  They seem to be very interested, but have not
returned my call.
We are looking at a new website with much more capabilities, including free
email addresses!  My understanding is that anyone that has paid their dues
can have a free email address!!!!
We do have lots of new ideas, and are looking very forward to present them
to everyone in the form of a newsletter that we are going to try to hand
deliver to each house, thereby saving US postage.  We want to adopt the
attitude of "OPERATION NEW BEGINNINGS".  Please volunteer to help YOUR new HOA, either by serving on the board, or as a volunteer.



25 May 2005

Donna Burke wrote:  In regards to Joe Hammond's question, my husband is on the voluntary board and the bank account is to be set up today if Principal Management gave us all the documentation required by the bank. Shawn Bitner is in receipt of the money from Principal Management and I believe the amount was somewhere around $1700 + dollars.  They are in need of more board members if you or anyone else is interested in serving voluntarily.
Thank you for asking this all important question. There are also plans in place regarding a neighborhood get together in June (no I don't have an official date yet nor location - I'm the wife, not the board member, ha) and also the city has been contacted regarding the mowing of Princeton and Dandrige to save the finances that were incurred previously. There will be a newsletter sent to all homeowners in the very near future explaining all of this.  Thanks again.



23 May 2005

Joe Hammond wrote:  Being a financial person, I would like to know our financial status. Where's the money? I paid my 2005 dues, and now am beginning to be sorry because there seems to be no accounting and no one seems to be able to answer important questions. Is this how a self-directed, voluntary association is run?



21 May 2005

Chris Allen wrote:  I did not have a clue that anyone was running for anything until a few  of us made it known at the last meeting. I'm certainly not disappointed with new officals, two of the three former ones were just fine, but where did the votes come from anyway?



19 May 2005

Frank Juarez wrote:  Craig; I would like to once again say thanks.  I think for your efforts, you should be hearing that as often as possible.  The individual who wrote about our new officials to "concentrate more on the whole neighborhood and not just the houses that run along Princeton" I would like to say this.  Principal had several years to plug into peoples heads that THOSE were the key points we should be concerned with.  It's in OUR hands now, completely.

Realisticly; I can see it will take us a few months to work through some of the cruddy and muddy setup of self directed HOA.  To the best of my knowledge, Chris Allen was the only write in for president. Whoever it is we need to support as much as we can, as quickly as we can, to expedite the process.  It will be a growing process.



18 May 2005

Craig Johnston wrote:  Colleen, thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind words...  :)

  As far as who the new officials are, I haven't heard anything.  Rest assured though, as soon as I know I will post it here.

  Also, I'm not sure what the hold up is on the new website, but I'm certain Elizabeth is handling it.  As soon as she informs me it is up, I will post it also.



18 May 2005

Colleen Cormier wrote:  Before this site ceases to exist, I'd like us all to recognize and thank Craig Johnston for his continuous efforts to provide our association with a forum for interactive communication. This has been a volunteer job, and I'm sure thankless on many occasssions, but he's done an excellent job. Thanks so much, Craig!



18 May 2005

Unknown wrote:  I hope the newly elected officials concentrate more on the whole neighborhood and not just the houses that run along Princeton.  I hope the entire neighborhood is kept clean and that ALL trash is picked up - not just in certain areas.  I would really like to know who the newly elected officials are - could that at least be posted here since the new site isn't up and running yet?



18 May 2005

Unkown wrote:  Elizabeth, why is the website not working and when do you expect it up? Also, when are we going to hear from the newly elected officials?



10 May 2005




9 May 2005

Chris Allen wrote:  Now that the Association is "stayed" by popular vote, has the existing board resigned, or are they just pooped out? Apparently we have a dormant HOA which requires stimulation...the "moms" are a good first stimulus because, if "mom ain't happy no one is happy." Lets recapture the balance of funds belonging to the homeowners....designate a repository/signatory (2 folks) for the funds (where are they and how much anyway)? If we have no officials then lets designate some. AND, keep a website up with current information. Frank has apparently vounteered that idea so , we need to get that site info to everyone...including Quinton who is seriously contemplating the addition of a computer to his houshold. He'll be the first I collect the new and restructured voluntary dues from as he's my greatest advocate. Anyone may call me at 972 463 9791 with comments...communication now is our greatest asset.



3 May 2005

Joe Hammond wrote:  From what I am reading, the HOA has not been abolished. I sincerely hope that is true. But when and from whom will we hear offically. Thanks to whomever will let me know.



3 May 2005

Tracy Linscott wrote:  Colleen Cormier and I have started the Princeton Park Mom's Group. We have had about 20 moms interested so far. What a great initial response! We are having our first meeting at my home on Saturday, May 14th at 10:30am at 7502 San Carlos Drive. If you are interested in participating in the Mom's Group first meeting or knows someone who might be, call Tracy Linscott at 972-463-5249 or e-mail at: or Colleen Cormier at 972-475-4802 or e-mail at: Does anyone know who is on the new board? I would like to let them know about the mom's group.



1 May 2005

S Kemp wrote:  Do we still have the HOA?



28 April 2005

Lisa Turner wrote:  I have a question that hasn't been answered as of yet.  It was stated in the email "Article XI of their Articles requires 60% of the Members to approve a dissolution of the corporation. I don't know how many members there are in the Association, so I don't know if they met this requirement."  Has this been decided yet?  60% is different from 2/3rds -  so we need a definite answer as to whether we definitely still have an HOA.  When are we going to get a FINAL word about this?



28 April 2005

Craig Johnston wrote:  Yes I did say I would provide the articles, conditions and restrictions which are so often referred to.  However due to limited web space on a free Verizon server, I am not able to provide this.  I took the time to scan each page, organize them into five files.  The files are very large, totaling approximately 22MB, and these have been compressed into zip files.  This free web site is limited to a mere 10MB.  There are many pages, so faxing is not an option.  If anyone would like a copy of these files, I will be happy to copy them onto a CD for you.  My address is 7313 Fairfield drive.  If you come to my home, bring a blank CD, I will burn these files onto you CD, I don't mind at all.



28 April 2005

Unkown wrote:  Craig, you once said you would post the articles of the HOA on this website.  I have been unable to locate them.  Please post the articles that are so often referred to on the website with a link to them so each of us can be informed.  Thank you.



27 April 2005

Lisa York wrote:  I'm so eccstatic that the homowner's association did not get abolished.  A few questions though, what happens now?  Do we still have a board?  Will a new board be elected?  Are we getting a new management company?



27 April 2005

Frank Juarez wrote:  Chris;  I know you had spoke at the meeting on being a tenative President, if we still had an HOA.  I would like to get in touch with you for any possible leg/keyboard work we need to roll with reguardless of our outcome.  I also cannot remember the other 2 individuals who had requested the write in.  Perhaps we should get in touch with them reguardless also.

I'm all for just looking forward.

Mrs Cormier; I would like to thank you for being a great forward example also.  I will let my wife know about your efforts also.



26 April 2005

Debbie wrote:  It seems like everyone in the neighborhood I speak with wants the HOA. We are so happy that it will not be abolished, that our neighborhood will still be beautiful. Your right y'all, let's work together, take the next step....



25 April 2005

Colleen Cormier wrote:  Since it's obviously still unclear as to whether or not we have an HOA, a few of us in the neighborhood have decided to move forward by starting a mom's group. It's not an HOA, but it's a first step in creating some type of community unity. The group will be for working moms, stay-at-home moms, and moms-to-be. Flyers were distributed to all mailboxes last week. If you are interested in joining, please call Colleen Cormier at 972-475-4802 or e-mail me: So many of us have lived here for several years, yet we don't know each other. Let's change that. Response to this group has been better than I could have dreamed, which tells me we're all on the same page. We plan to have an introductory meeting in May. Please contact me if you'd like to be a part of this, and let's move forward with something productive. Thanks.



25 April 2005

Donna Burke wrote:  I just want to take this opportunity to thank Craig again for this website.  It takes time and due diligence to maintain this site and I appreciate you Craig !! This is an example of a vounteer at work as we can all be in the future while we work together to maintain our property values.  HOA or no, let's meet our neighbors and befriend and assist one another and stop the bickering.  If there is a yard or home in disrepair, let's see if that person is ill or needs help to mow or make repairs, perhaps they are one of the many down on their luck right now and out of a job. Let's work together and keep things going... this is what the purpose of true neighbors should be.  Sorry, off the soapbox but that to me is of great importance. Just that small amount of personal contact can keep our neighborhoods looking great while making lifelong friends.



22 April 2005

Elizabeth Roper wrote:  I am with you, Craig, it's time to get past this.  We should try to work together rather than against each other.  Where do we go from here?  Are we going to meet as a group again?  What's the next step?



22 April 2005

Chris Allen wrote:  There isn't a homeonwer in Princeton Park that wants to continue status quo. I have a sneaking suspicion that we are all on the same page, we all would like some type of structure and peace amongst us and all are talking out of various corners of their mouths saying pretty much the same things. None of us cared to keep Principle, and I'd just as soon they had been fired on the spot for cause and not retained for one more month. I don'f fault the present Board, if it still exists. They are a victim of circumstance and obvioulsy were orchestrated by the whiles of Principle. I just bet that most folks here dont mind dues if they were utilized for the benefit of all. I have minded tho the focus of "a particular board member" who has the this on-track mind on "his" fence in his backyard. He should have considerd that fence prior to the purchase of his house....but it is his fence. It it on the right of way just as is his sidewalk and is his reponsibility regardless. And that ext

Let's settle the issue...the association remains and Principle is history. Stop the bleeding! We can definitely consider a "no-fault" association. We have a number of options, but relaxing is not an otion at this time.



21 April 2005

Frank Juarez wrote:  I wanted to relay an e-mail to everyone.  I contacted the President of the Yale Park HOA.  I was interested in their operating and insurance expenses.  I don't remember how much we were paying for our 2 main insurances but any monies we can save would be put into the neighborhood.

Hi, I'm from over in the Princeton Park HOA from Rowlett TX.  I believe somebody spoke with your HOA on some Mentor assisstance for a Voluntary HOA, such as yourselves.

I'm curious what insurance hurdles your HOA has/had and possibly who your HOA is using for it's insurance needs.

If someone else has already contacted you on this
then could you direct me to them.


The Yale Park Homeowners Association (YPHA) Board of Directors has never to my knowledge considered any type of insurance. However, any information would be appreciated


The point I'm trying to make is that in the the instance of a Voluntary HOA we would be saving not only the monies we had to directly hand over to Principel (the ~$8400.00), not to mention the horde of other Administrate fees they seemed to come up with.  We would also be saving on the insurance for the Board and for the general insurance on the common HOA areas.  As we talked the other day; What about just having a Business Administrator?  In that instance you wouldn't have a Property Manager that comes out and looks at the various homes but you would have a legal individual responsible for keeping our books and dispersing funds, as directed by the board and/or committee's.  I obviously don't know the leagalities involved but we wouldn't know if we didn't try.

This would also still allow for the Main Wall on Princeton Rd to still be insured. We could retain that insurance ourselves still, reguardless of the Legal results pending.



21 April 2005

Craig Johnston wrote:  I find it impossible to believe what I'm reading and hearing.  So much negativity.  Listen, I missed the vote, unfortunately, so I am observing this from an unbiased point.  The voting took place. There are bylaws that cover all of this.  The reason they used lawyers is to keep all this fighting from getting to the true voting results.  They, the lawyers truly are unbiased.  They get paid no matter what the results, to ensure the bylaws are followed to the T.  They have no interest in the outcome.  So with this said, lets get past all of this and look to the future.  We have done all the fighting and arguing long enough.  We all wanted to vote, well the vote took place.  Some got exactly what they voted for, some did not.  Welcome to democracy people.  Lets get past this and organize something that will benefit us all.  What do you all say?



21 April 2005

Lisa Turner wrote:  Chris, I agree with you completely.  There will be no refunds as there will be no money left.  We all know what lawyers charge and since it took so long from the vote to the email from the attorney to finally post on this site, it looks like a lot of the money has been spent.  It seems to me like the HOA should be abolished because the majority want it abolished.  There are very few who want to keep the association and from what I remember at the meeting it was mainly to maintain the brick wall that runs along Princeton.  I'm sorry, but this is not a reason to keep and maintain a HOA.  There should be much more to it than that.



21 April 2005

Chris Allen wrote:  If we don't know how many members we have, then the vote is mute as we need an accurate count of members, less those who don't qualify, to call for a quorum. It looks like Principle would know exactly "everything" since they are the ones who have had the reigns......or not!



21 April 2005

Lisa Turner wrote:  I'm not sure how you can say that .33 says we do not have a consensus as there is no such thing as .33 person.  Since it is obvious rounding needs to be done, we would round to 117 and we have a consensus to abolish the association.



21 April 2005

Unknown wrote:    Since there is no such thing as .33 person, and in mathematics you usually round up or down depending on the number in the decimal, it is clear we have a consensus of 117 votes and the association should be abolished.  I just hope the legal professional reads it this way.



21 April 2005

Chris Allen wrote:  So, why don't we spend the money down? It's looks as though you're going about it like a house afire anyway. At this rate there won't be any refunds for anyone, let alone leaving us in debt! It appears as though Principle Is trying it's best to antagonize and run up the bills as much as possible prior to it's exit. The lawyers and associated expense of them was totally unnecessary to count votes. Whose idea was it anyway to call on some counsel to tally them?



20 April 2005

Kris MacKay wrote:  Since the HOA is still standing, what are the results of the elections for the board seats?



19 April 2005

Kris MacKay wrote:  I am ecstatic that mathematics prevailed. I realize as several others that Principal Management group (PMG) was incredibly lax on the job that we needed performed. However I highly disagree that most of the residents of Princeton Park have enough time to really service a voluntary HOA.
Now that the votes have been counted, its time to start looking for a suitable management company replacement.

Our search should be similar to any job application where resumes are perused, references are checked and examples are given. PMG was thrust onto us but there is no need to recreate the future.

I personally would be happy to be on a search committee.



14 April 2005

Frank Juarez wrote:  Look at  There is some interesting info in there that one of the guys at work here says will be manageing thier property.



13 April 2005

Craig Johnston wrote:  I spoke w/ Pamela Jones.  She said Scott is checking w/Corrin to see if we had a quorum.  If we did not, we may have a second meeting and a re-vote.  If we did have a quorum, the vote stands.  Of course, we are still waiting for a final count...



12 April 2005

Frank Juarez wrote:  I would like to comment on two things.  Firstly; If you came to this website to read, give input, or simply just heard about it and wanted to see if it was real... guess what.  You just participated in a Voluntary HOA.  Craig Johnston created this website of his own accord.  I in no way will steal any thunder from him.  Craig and I got to talking 1 time and couldn't believe how there was no website for the Neighborhood.  Here we were paying  good money, like a lot of people, and we didn't even have a SIMPLE website setup. Craig asked me for some input a few times, but make no mistake about it; THIS (the website) was simply some homeowners who decided something should be done if the Management company wasn't going to do it.

Secondly; I would like to offer a different view to one of the last comments that I read here.  Voluntary HOA's DO work in many affluent cities.  Yes, it does take person intervention AND NO, you are not going to get everyone into it (At first).  Like anything else it will take time.  Time to see it is real and time to see that it can work.  I know Ms/Mrs Mackey wrote that they had CPA's to watch the books but when we given the budget items from Paul Hanlon, at one of the previous meetings, there were an exhorborant number of "Administrative" fees.  What were our ~$8400.00 supposed to cover????  Then there were the Christmas, and whatever other, parties that Principal had but they couldn't even coordinate a block party.  Not even on just 1 block.  I believe it was Paul and Scott at one of the meetings that had indicated, at that time, that there wasn't another Management group that would touch us at that moment.  I don't know how true that would hold now but that might be an interest

My point is that if you bought 5 cars in a row from a dealership, 5 years in a row, and the service kept getting worse you wouldn't want to stay with them.  You would go somewhere else, or learn some mechanics skills.  Yale Park has already said they would Mentor us as a Voluntary HOA.  Is seems like we've already decided we wanted to keep things closer to home.  Why not embrace it for a year.



12 April 2005

Colleen Cormier wrote:  Does anyone know how long it takes to count 100 and something votes? I don't understand why we don't have an answer yet about whether or not we have an HOA. Also, if we no longer have a board, who is counting those votes, and what was the point of preliminary results? The letter sent by the board in the mail with the proxy ballots said any homeowner paid through 2004 was eligible to vote. Logic would dictate that you have a list of ineligible voters handy at the meeting so when the ballots are counted, you already know which ones don't count and already have the results. If we still have an association fine. If we don't, there are people ready to start a voluntary one. Everyone is in limbo waiting on this vote. What's the hold-up?



9 April 2005

Craig Johnston wrote:  Several homeowners have asked if there could be a second meeting to cast their votes since they were unable to make the last meeting.  I forwarded these requests and the answer I received was, "They would ask the board if these people could vote, however they doubted it, because homeowners had the opportunity to sign a proxy and vote that way.



9 April 2005

Stacy Mackey wrote:  On the topic of Voluntary HOA - after seeing the conduct of people in this neighborhood, I will NEVER give money to people who claim to "run the Voluntary HOA".  Unless there is a bonded company behind it - it will never work.  That's why companies like Principal were created.  I know everyone had a bad experience with them.  But, they were bonded and CPAs were watching the books and they had an entire staff to pay the bills, etc.  There are tons of other companies that we could have hired.  I don't think people understand how much responsibility is involved in the everyday operating.  An HOA is like a company of its own.  Running an HOA is a full-time job.  Who has time for that?  I sure don't.  When I get home from work, I like to spend time with my family - not work at another job.  It's too bad our lovely neighbors couldn't see the light before they ruined our entire neighborhood.  Thanks.



8 April 2005

Elizabeth Roper wrote:  When will the final vote be completed?  Is there any way we could have another meeting and possible see who would be in favor of a voluntary HOA? I have talked with several people and it seems that possible if we had another vote more people would be inclined to have a voluntary HOA.


7 April 2005

Frank Juarez wrote:  I Don't know how many individuals actually read Mr Allens link to the Yale Park HOA site but It didn't seem as though enough people believed it could really work.  A voluntary HOA may not bring in as much capital for the HOA fund, but then again you are not paying a management group either.  I don't know who was paying attention to the amounts that Paul Hanlon was explaining but ~$8400.00 (if i'm not mistaken) was PMG's take not counting mailings.  This did not include several other items like the insurance or anything else as I recall.  Wether we call it a Community Beautification Group or a Voluntary HOA, Our monies will pay directly for what we want or need.

A major item that came up in my discussions with many Homeowners was adding some Street Bumps for the long stretches of road in the neighborhood.  These seemed to be Racing stretches for a few teens and adults.  7 individuals said they spoke with PMG. I had asked PMG also and they said they didn't have a record of it.  I am tired of contributing to someone els's holiday party's while we couldn't even get them to remember an important safety request.

I have no problem putting my money in a Voluntary HOA.  PMG was here 5 years and screwed with most people the last 2 or 3.  Yale Park HOA and others in the Richardson & Plano areas have been doing voluntary HOA's for over 20 years and making it work.  I think those numbers speak to a much greater volume and prosperity.  I love the look of our entryway also but I expect a better return on the ~$37,000 a year that we could collectively put in.  I can't blame anyone else for being scorned by that.

I may not have been able to try for a board position with a Voluntary HOA now, but I WILL volunteer time each month.  That is how it starts.
Most Volunteer HOA's that I have seen are in the $35.00 - $65.00 per year range, and many have pool(s) and park(s).  It is not just a cost issue.  We CAN do it ourselves, so why underestimate each other.



6 April 2005

Melissa Cox wrote:  I am a realtor and know how important an HOA is as 90% of my buyers require HOAs, however, my less experienced buyers do not understand the importance until they have seen the difference in the two.  It will take a longer time to build equity in our homes as now our competition will be neighborhoods with associations.   Curb appeal is the first thing a buyer looks at when deciding on a neighborhood.but the trailers, boats, RVs parked not to mention unsightly storage sheds, cars, etc. will hamper thatwho is going to monitor where people park and what colors they paint their homes?  What is my neighbor decides to paint their home hot pink?  It only takes one junky home to ruin your property value..



5 April 2005

Craig Johnston wrote:  Ok, so since the Home Owners Association has been voted out (not yet confirmed), who is going to pay to have our common areas maintained?  Who is going to maintain it themselves?  Who is going to step up?  I hope at least one of you who voted the association out, has a plan.  I had a plan.  Pay the association fees and it gets done while I'm at work.  You won't believe how much I was paying.......  33 cent a day.....    God forbid something happens to our wall along Princeton Road.  If something does happen, which one of you is going to help pay for it?  I sure hope someone has a plan......    Then again, maybe there is no plan.  Maybe we have more people who have no pride in our neighborhood than those who do.....



5 April 2005

Elizabeth Roper wrote:  I think Debbie is exactly right.  As far as my husband and I are concerned, we will probably try to list our house with a realtor before the neighborhood continues to decline.



5 April 2005

Debbie wrote:  We moved from Austin to this beautiful community a little over a year ago. We were excited to know there was an HOA because we knew the neighborhood would always be well kept and our home would only appreciate. When we moved to Austin, our home was the first built on our street. We were thrilled knowing within 5 years the price of our home would shoot sky high. Well, 5 years past and we went to sell our home. Our home didn't appreciate at all due to the neighborhood deciding against an HOA. The neighborhood went down, never groomed, broken fences, etc.. We got a great deal on our home here and have worked hard on making improvements to it. We knew with an HOA, 190 coming through soon, and a mall being built close by, we would make a lot of money one day when we went to sell it. I can guarantee the same thing will happen here like it did to us in Austin without an HOA. What is the big deal in paying less than $10 a month to have our neighborhood maintained? Why not choose a new management company? Why not choose a new HOA board?  Before we even looked in this neighborhood we asked if there was an HOA.  Those of you against the association will see the importance of it within a year or when you go to sell your home if the HOA is abolished. I think our current HOA board has done an outstanding job, thank you!



24 February 2005

Donna Burke wrote:  Please post the bylaws and financials for the HOA on the website as soon as possible . Also the folks running for officer positions on the Board if we are having a board. Thanks



13 February 2005

Craig Johnston wrote:  We have Board Elections coming up I believe in March, next month.  I am in the process of preparing these forms so they can be printed from this web site.  There will be Board members in 2005.   Will they be the same people as now?  Well I guess thats up to those of us who vote, and those who run for the three positions.



13 February 2005

kash0924 wrote:  In talking with some of the board, and statements made at the 1-30-05 meeting. We understood that the board of directors plan to resign and let the H.O.A. go without leadership. If,that occurred,who would receive the records and the assets (if any) from Principal Mgt.Group. If the H.O.A. remains without directors and no liability insurance, in the event of a lawsuit all of the 365 members could be liable. In an attorneys opinion on article no.3 of the bylaws(suspension of membership) If the board of directors at a meeting of record (HAS NOT)suspended members who are in default on their annual assessments, they were qualified to sign the petition to dissolve the H.O.A. We believe what the board of directors should do, is receive the records and assets from the mgt. co, and have an attorney draw-up the legal papers to dissolve the H.O.A., an pay our final bills and end our obligations, then start our voluntary H.O.A. as many have suggested.



5 February 2005

Shannon wrote:  I am all for getting rid of PMG but, I am not for abolishing the HOA! We too have been harassed in the past by PMG and I did not agree with their attitudes or actions toward the homeowners but we've fired them for these reasons so lets move on. I am sure that everyone has ideas of what they wanted out of the HOA so now is the time to HELP make them happen. If we all work together as a community then we can make the HOA what we dreamed it could be and maybe in turn become a family instead of a bunch of strangers living beside each other.

 For me keeping the brick wall and entry kept up is very important. I don't live on Princeton Rd. but I know that if the wall is falling down and the entry looks bad it DOES effect my home not just in value but also in crime rating. I also would like to have Block parties so that I can get to know my neighbors better and find playmates for my children. It would be nice too to have a list of my neighbors and their phone numbers. We had that at our last house and I loved it becuase when something happened like a breaker blowing on the power line behind our house with my husband gone and my baby in my arms I could call my neighbors for help! It was also good for use when I forgot someone's name and was to embarrassed to ask it again so instead of avoiding the person from then on, I could look on my sheet. (I know none of you know what I am talking about right?)

I think we should KEEP the HOA and either run it ourselves or find another better quailified management group to take care of it for us but lets not make the mistake of thinking abolishing the HOA will solve all our problems because in fact it will just create a stack full of new ones.



31 January 2005

Lisa York wrote:  I am for the association. Nothing makes me happier than driving home and pulling into Princeton Park. Call me silly, but it makes me feel really good when I have guests to my home and they comment on how beautiful our home and our neighborhood is. That shows a pride in ownership, but that also shows to me that the association is doing some things it promised. I'm afraid that without the association people will put off mowing their lawns or taking care of their property because that drive will dissolve with association. Just look across the other side of Princeton and some of the houses in our neighborhood that aren't apart of the association. It shows!! I want to continue to have a home and a neighborhood to be proud of.



30 January 2005

Donna Burke wrote:  After attending the meeting today I am wondering what it was really all about. I heard the board express their opinions and tell us what they have/have not been able to do in the past 9 months and I heard a lot of people shouting and no one being heard. I believe we should find a meeting location that provides us with a microphone so we ALL know what is being said. I was NOT aware of this websites existence until today's meeting and I am so excited to find out. This could be one of the answers to our frustration regarding knowledge of the boards activities and accomplishments. I want to make it very clear how much I appreciate what the board members have sacrificed in time and energy and it is not that they have failed us but that Principal Mgmt. has put such a bad taste of management in our mouths that we want now to pursue other options. I will say I was extremely impressed by Pamela and Paul's professionalism today. However, I must also say I believe our secretary showed us his true feelings about why we need a HOA, to keep HIS brick wall maintained, and by his failure to stand to address us I believe he showed great disrespect. If the association could benefit ALL homeowners then I think we would all agree that $95 is a small price to pay however the brick wall is not the issue to all of us as much as safety, maintenance, cleanliness and other family issues, i.e. the park, pool, walking trails, etc. There are many issues to be considered involving the management company and the HOA in general. I think Paul has hit the nail on the head by not renewing Principals contract, they are feeding on us and their failure has us in this current position. Property values are a huge issue in this consideration but I dont think having a HOA is the total answer unless that board keeps communication lines open with the homeowners and addresses their concerns. I began this little oration with the statement that I think the website can eliminate frustration and would like to clarify that. If all of the homeowners were made aware of the website and if it is maintained regularly with the inclusion of the monthly financial report that currently only the board sees as well as a Q & A section with current issues being addressed my vote might be different However if the level of communication continues as it has been thus far during the past 9 months I see no reason to keep the HOA. They made it very clear today that the cost of newsletters and such was exorbitant so this website can virtually eliminate those costs. For those of us who do not have computers we can make arrangements to stay in touch by either phone or mail. The website would significantly decrease the number of letters needed and volunteers could be used to make phone calls. If the board puts out the notice of a need they might get that need filled. Thank you to them for the work they have done.




30 January 2005

Lisa Turner wrote:  Comments: The homeowner's association should be about more than taking care of the brick wall that runs along Princeton, planting flowers and mowing the median.  It should take care of ALL of the homeowners including those that live on streets that don't border Princeton.  I for one am for elimination of the HOA as it has, in my opinion, been a waste of $95 each year.  My main reason for thinking this is because of the area the HOA covers.  Two streets hardly takes care of the value of your home.  Your home value is influenced by those on the other side of Princeton as well as the homes in Waterview.  When a street close to your neighborhood is not part of the HOA, and they have boats, storage sheds, trailers, weeds, trash, etc., this definitely reflects on the whole Princeton Park area.  I believe I can take care of my home without the intervention of the HOA because it seems more like a legal form of harassment than anything else.



10 January 2005

Susan Fish wrote:  Elimination of the HOA is not the only option here.  Principal Management has a reputation in the industry among other communities and vendors that have worked with Principal of taking the money from owners and not doing much else.  There are other, better, management companies out there and other options such as organized self management.  This is why it's important for us all to attend the meeting, to discuss our options because we DO have options. 



9 January 2005

Stacy Mackey wrote:  Thank you, Mr. Hamilton, for your comments.  I agree with you 100%.  If you would like to see an example of a neighborhood without an HOA, just go across the street to the original "Princeton Park".  Notice how lovely their entrance's all grown over and extremely unattractive.  Not to mention the state of their fence along Princeton, general upkeep of the homes, yards, etc. 

If you don't like what is being done within the HOA...get involved - don't eliminate it.  As homeowners in Princeton Park, we need to work together to make our neighborhood a nice place to live.  We can do that under the HOA.

I will not support the elimination of the HOA.  It's $100 per year...WELL WORTH THE MONEY.




8 January 2005

Ed Hamilton wrote:  Having sold for Pioneer out here for over 2 years, I sold many of the homes affected by the HOA issue. I can assure one and all that virtually everyone I delt with WANTED to be in a neighborhood with an HOA. They had lived in or knew about areas that did not have restrictions and common area upkeep and did not wish to live in that type of neighborhood. Why have so many now changed their minds? Is it just because they don't like PMG? If so, then change. However, once we do away with any sort of HOA we will find ourselves living in the same type of neighborhood we all wanted to avoid. Face the facts, the brick boundary wall will fall down, the common areas will become seedy and we will find ourselves trying to get through streets clogged with 18 wheelers, boats and campers. Make no mistake about it, if we allow the HOA to disappear for the sake of saving $120 per year our neighborhood and property values will go down.
One can present all the arguments you wish about PMG being bad managers (I agree), but we should not let frustration with PMG become an excuse to trash our own neighborhood. I for one, will never vote to support eliminating the HOA as my home value is too important to me and my home value is tied directly to the neighborhood.

Please get in touch to offer ideas or comments.  Lets stay informed!