Coral and Island Princess Balconies

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Baja Deck


Balcony color identifies coverage.
  Room color reflects Princess
room classifaction.

Note (a):  These balconies (B205 -B217) are uncovered, but there are no cabins above them.  Also, there is a covering from an overhang of the Lido Deck, but this is two decks up.  So, these balconies have more privacy than other uncovered ones do.  See photo B.

Note (b):  Balconies B218 and B219 are like B205 - B217 [see note (a)]  in that they are uncovered, but don't have a cabin directly above them. However, these balconies lack privacy because there is a cabin aft and up one level.  Cabin A214 and A209 look down onto these balconies from the side.  See photo C.   A similar situation exists in the rear starboard side.  B701 can be seen from A633.  See photo G.