Coral and Island Princess Balconies

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Caribe Deck


Balcony color identifies coverage.
  Room color reflects Princess
room classifaction.

(c) The recessed cabins C414, C415, C505, C506, C620 and C633 are partially covered.  They can see into the adjoining "bumped out" section balconies sideways.  This is particulary uncomfortable for some people, because they are so close together.  The bumped out corner cabins C416, C417, C503, C504, C622 and C637 are covered and can also be seen by adjoining cabins, but have a larger viewing area in that they can see both straight out and to one side with out leaning over the rail.  See photos on last page.  
C311 and C312 are recessed a little farther and are a little more private.