Coral and Island Princess Balconies

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Photo A shows the far forward Aloha cabins and how they are covered by the overhang of the Lido Deck directly above.


Photo B Shows how the far forward Baja Cabins (B205-B217) have no directly overhead cover, but have no cabins, or other areas above them where people could look down.  They are somewhat protected by the Lido deck overhang two decks above. B218 (port) & B219 (starboard) lack privacy because of the most forward Aloha deck cabin.


Photos B & C shows how cabins B218 (port) and B219 (starboard) have no cabins overhead, but can be viewed from above and to the side from cabin A208 (port) and A209 (starboard).  


Above photo shows the middle bump out section.  The Aloha, Baja, Caribe balconies are fully covered.  The Dolphin deck balconies here are partially covered.  There are no Emerald deck balconies here because of the life boats.


Photo D shows details of the aft cabins. Note, that of stern corner cabins, only the ones on the Emerald deck (bottom level) are covered.


Photo E shows the more typical, for Princess, arrangement of the port side midship recessed balconies.  The all windowed deck is the Lido deck.  The two decks just below the Lido are the Aloha and Baja Decks, and on this portion of the ship they are covered.  The deck below Baja is the Caribe deck and it is extended out.  It is partially covered.  Below the Caribe and just above the lifeboats is the Dolphin deck.  These balconies are extended farther and are fully exposed. 
You can also see the rear bumped out section.  If you look carefully, you can see that on this bump out the Aloha cabins are uncovered, the Baja ones are covered, the Caribe cabins are partially covered, the Dolphin ones are covered, and at the very bottom, Emerald deck balconies can be seen and they are covered.


Photo F shows the arrangement of the starboard aft portion of the the ship.  The top balconies are on the Aloha deck.  On this side of the ship there are only five cabins on the Aloha rear "bump out" section, and they are uncovered.  On the port side, they continue all the way to the stern (see photo F above).  Below Aloha on the Baja deck the first five cabins (B637, B639, B641, B643, and B645) are covered by the above Aloha balconies.  The remainder are uncovered.  On the port side all of the Baja balconies are covered except the aft corner cabin.


Photo G shows the lack of privacy for cabin B701 towards the rear of the ship. Cabin A633 hangs over it.  This situation does not exist on the port side because the Aloha balconies extend all the way to the stern.


Here is a photo of the covering of the Aft Dolphin Deck taken from one of the balconies.  Note that there is a large gap between the top of the partition and the roof.  This is typical, but there are a few balconies on the aft portion of the Emerald Deck that have walls between them.  Also note the new sprinkler system that has just been installed.  Pipes will probably be painted later.