Coral and Island Princess Balconies

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"Bump Out" Corner Cabins with Photos

There is a secondary situation caused by the "bump out" design of the Coral and Island Princess.  This is the close proximity of balconies near the corners of the bumped out sections.  Normaly balconies that are next to each other are provided with privacy from the partition that separates them.  But the bumped out corner balconies have a glass railing on one side in addition to the normal glass railing facing out.  This gives the occupants good views in two directions, but also gives them a view to their next door neighbor's balcony, and vice versa.  Since these cabins are right next to each other, it creates an awkward situation.  This only occurs on the Caribe Deck, as the Aloha and Baja cabins are recessed far enough that it is not a serious problem.   The Dolphin and Emerald decks don't have bumped out cabins.
Another consideration:  On other ships you can you can see all the way forward or aft by leaning over the rail.  On the Coral/Island twins this is not possible if you are on a recessed section of the Aloha, Baja, or Caribe decks.  This is because vision forward and aft are blocked by the bumped out sections.  Vision is unrestricted on the bumped out sections and on the Dolphin and Emerald decks (which have no bumped out sections).
Using the deck plans it is easy to see which sections of cabins are bumped out and which are recessed.

Photo H. Bumped out corner balcony viewed from a neighboring recessed cabin.

Photo I. Another view of a bumped out balcony, this one also shows balconies below.

The following photos show all of the bumped out corner cabins balconies.  I didn't have good photos of the port side, so I simply created a mirror image of the starboard side.  The cabins in question are identical on both sides.  Note that the situation with the Caribe deck cabins (C311 and C312) is not quite as critical on the forward bump out section - because they slightly recessesed, there is a little more distance between the balconies than found on the rear bump out section.