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Brenda Dillon

Brenda Dillon, a longtime Project Director for the National Piano Foundation, serves as an advisory board member to the Frances Clark Center and consultant for Roland US.  In addition to being a former associate editor of Keyboard Companion

(now Clavier Companion), she served as editor of PianoNotes, the NPF newsletter.  A former college professor in Dallas, TX, Brenda taught Recreational Music Making classes at a senior center in a Dallas suburb.  In addition to writing articles and developing RMM materials, she does extensive teacher training throughout the U.S.  Her most recent presentations include an RMM session at the 2008 International Society of Music Education (ISME) conference in Bologna, Italy, 2009 presentations on Pedagogy Saturday (MTNA National Conference) and the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy, and 2010 presentations at the MTNA National Conference and the North Carolina Music Teachers Association State Conference.  Brenda and her husband (Don Dillon, former Executive Director of Piano Manufacturers Association International) recently moved to Durham, North Carolina.  For more information, contact the author at


Ric Iannone   

Ric Iannone created and sequenced the accompaniments for Piano Fun for

Adult Beginners.  He served as a concert artist for Wersi Keyboards, traveling throughout the U.S. and Europe for twenty-one years.  In addition to serving as a concert artist for Roland US, he also created MIDI accompaniments for The Willis Music Company as well as Celebrate Piano, a comprehensive piano

method published by Frederick Harris Music Company.

Piano Fun for Adult Beginners