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Piano Fun for Adult Beginners


     Based on music fundamentals

     Basic information (keyboard geography, finger numbers, hand position)

     Rhythm and pulse

     Pre-staff reading

     Grand Staff

     Directional reading

     Lead sheets

     Chords (including major and minor triads)

     Review questions and challenge piece in each module

     Answers to 10 frequently-asked questions about RMM teaching

     Glossary of musical terms and symbols

     Can be taught individually but especially effective in a group setting

     A MIDI-enhanced CD with practice and performance tempi is included with the book. 

     Follow these instructions for downloading the song tracks to a floppy or USB:

  • Insert the CD and open.
  • Double-click on MIDI folder to open.
  • Open destination drive (floppy or USB) and pull it over for two screens side-by-side.
  • Click one song at a time.  Hold down left mouse button and drag song to the destination file.  This ensures that the songs will be in order.
  • Close both files.

Piano Fun for Adult Beginners