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Below is a list of the best political radio on the web besides Slave Revolt Radio.

Lyn Gerry says no to the New World Order as she does an excellent job of collecting various radio programs, essays, and speeches, stringing together a cohesive, informative news radio show.  Check it out, you're guaranteed to come away more knowledgeable of what's really going on in the world.
From various political views, Philip Dru Interviews is able to paint a haunting portrait of the government, and why we should question the role big government plays in our lives.  Great job.  Also check out the new show, spawned by Philip Dru Interviews, The Scott Horton Weekend Interview Show.
Amy Goodman has been relentless over the years.  More informative than anything you'd get on television or mainstream radio.  Great for speeches by, and interviews with, people such as Arundhati Roy, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and Cornel West.
His obsession with fighting the New World Order is contagious.  Plenty of audio and documentaries.  His media site used to be free but now with popularity he's begun to charge.  Still some good stuff and his radio show streams live.
As far as media watching goes, Break For News's strength comes from their knack to spot "false opposition."  Beware of NGOs and foundation sponsored activists.
Radical Radio is a non-commercial news, analysis and commentary-based alternative news radio that is comprised of an 18 - 25 hour program that is updated every 2-3 days and features current alternative news.
Some of the shows above including Slave Revolt Radio broadcasts thru Free Radio Santa Cruz.  Skidmark Bob is an inspiration.