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12-19-05 We explore how the media tries to convince the masses that this secret spy network on us is for our own protection in this time of war. Then 'SR' moves to the execution table of the state and it's liberal movement components like the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, and the'pacifist' crowd. We explore where the slaves end up when they are strapped down in the machine of the republican and democratic party.

Slave Revolt! then takes it home with a Tracey James commentary called 'White justice Black misery: the legal and illegal lynching of a people' to tie the lynch rope of this savage society all together.
Join us slaves in this (beyond the shadow) segment called 'The empire takes off it's clothes' as we watch Pat Bucannan and ex-cia Bob Baer strip off the clothing of their master while they yack up the rhetoric of sams intensified slaughter. Then 'SR' moves into a classroom session with Mama Dee, Leah Hodges, and others in this (ruins of empire) segment called ' New Orleans class in session'. Our class session deals with a conversation between the slave survivors of New Orleans and the beast servants at this house select hearing.
12-04-05 If the slaves want their messages to be maintained clear and intact we are going to have to safeguard, outline, and log our own slave narratives. This has not been the case with brother Malcolm X. 40 years after his death his legacy and message has in part been co-opted. This did not have to happen. Yet it is the reality we face at this time. Explore this event with Slave Revolt! this hour as we tap into clips from Manning Marble on how various forces have played into this event. In a (beyond the shadow) segment called 'Co-opting Malcolm's message by "enemies" means necessary'. Then let us take the proper steps to restore Malcolm's slave narratives in his own words.
12-27-05 'SR' takes a historic journey to the slave rebellion plot by the slaves of Bermuda. 'SR' deals with the radical evolutionary understanding by these sailor slaves who experienced more 'freedoms' than their plantation slave counterparts.
11-20-05 Slave Revolt! sails back over to New Orleans in a (beyond the shadow) segment called 'New Orleans the classroom for Black america' that explores the current crisis our 'internally displaced persons' ie sisters and brothers find themselves in. Which helps highlight the fact that everywhere these slaver exist, north america, hati, sudan etc. Black people are internally displaced.That is until the Slaves put these flesh-peddlers out of existence!
In this (beyond the shadow) segment called 'Killers for hire,World for sale') Slave revolt! deals with the subject of the mercenary industry. Clips from Ken Silverstein author of the book 'Private warriors' helps bring these death dealers for the rulers of the world into our crosshairs.

11-06-05 The state of black america is in crisis. Years of savage attack by the ruling order. White denial and abuse by many so called allies to black 'equality'. Neglect and sabatoge by the civil rights era negros. And the myth of the democratic party option defecated out by liberals has taken it's toll physically, emotionally, and communally on black people.

Yet this recent preformance by Jesse Jackson & company is the final straw. In a (Amos and Andy) segment called 'the eulogy of the civil rights era negros. Slave Revolt! deals with this minstrel preformance with clips from Jackson, Bernice King, Crime Bill Clinton, Joseph Lowery, Al Sharpton and other 'sleep and vote' preformers. A preformance that exposes that these con artist are really the ruling orders gate keepers on the plantation. Their main function is to keep us on the plantation even while it's burning from it's own privatized greenhouse gases and genocidal wars.
10-28-05 War is all the elite orders of the world have to offer humanity. Destuction of the planet is where we're headed as we stay locked in this dead energy system called fossil fuel, as the rulers expose their willingness to destroy anything for the very last attainable drop. In a (ruins of empire) segment called 'the privatized war on energy', Slave Revolt! dives into these issues with a mix of clips from Richard Heinberg author of the book 'The party's over'. Michael Klare and William Blum 'Rouge state'. A 'sr' mix that makes clear that we must move beyond this corporate market machine and the oil that feeds it.
10-21-05 Tonite Slave Revolt! explores how whitness thru the lens of the mass population of white wage servants distorts their views on subjects like affrimitive action, gentrification, and economic/ social dependancy and class, often putting them at odds with the non white slaves. Clips from Tim Wise, Judith Miller, and racial profiling corporation texaco to name a few help put the issue of whiteness in proper focus. A focus that's clear from the eyes of the slave that whitness is not only a social construct but a political and economic one.
In this installment of Slave Revolt we shoot our way back into New Orleans in a ecclectic program that exposes the relationship of the native populations in the loss of land to the land theives, its effect on their very being, and the consequences for blacks and other working class people if they don't stand their ground for the ground from where they live.
Tonite Slave Revolt explores the dark side of america's conscious in a (ventures in corporate media land) segment on william bennett called 'racism: a question of power'.
08-26-05 Politics of Peace in American politics & context. An Older show pre-empted for the hurricane sam series.
09-27-05 Tonight, Tracey brings two hours of fire.  Facts on how the Katrina experience furthers the goal of gentrification, spatial deconcentration, and America's genocidal impulse.  Interviews, including Glen Beck and Frank Morales.  Plus a hell of a lot more.
09-16-05 Fema has landed and the police state grows strength from chaos.  Uncovering Sam's lies and scams amidst disaster recovery.
09-12-2005 "Beyond the Shadow" the storm continues exploring the Katrina aftermath as Sams contractors are hard at work making millions as the poor die.
09-05-05 Hurrican Sam continues to blow his deadly winds into the lives of the poor, the Black, the hungry.
09-02-05 Hurricane Katrina aftermath.  The real genocidal hurricane winds blowing is 'Hurricane Sam'.  The show has live coverage from New Orleans.  1st hand accounts.  Documentary footage of New Orleans' vulnerability to floods and hurricanes outlined years ago.
08-19-05 As Black August continues with another "Roar of the Black Cat" segment, Tracey James takes us through what Fred Hampton Jr. had to say about wrongly accused death row inmate Aaron Patterson.  Patterson is another victim of torturer Jon Burge.
08-12-05 Tonight "The Roar of the Black Cat" focuses on Malcolm X as he talked about extremism during a 1964 debate.  His stance 41 years ago applies to how the rulers control the definition of extremism today.
08-05-05 "Shamless File" segment "Pig Talk" exploring American rhetoric amidst empire Disintegration in the Corporate Media and elswere.
07-29-05 "Beyond the Shadow" Onward Christian Soldiers moving the world towars destruction.
07-22-05 "Beyond The Shadow" Founding Fathers on separation of Church & State.
 07-20-05 Slave Revolt Reloaded, returning from Berkeley Liberation Radio hiatus. "You Cannot Stop Slave Revolt!" now broadcasting at 103.3 fm in West Oakland Ca. Tonight, the subject is: How to be a Good Slave on Uncle Sam's Plantation.
The show wraps with an analysis of the show Amazing Race, and its "winners", Uchenna and Joyce, one worked for Enron and the other for Worldcom.
06-25-05 The race card has been played against Black people in America as a pathology game.  Tonight, Tracey and Gerald go "Beyond the Shadow" with an analysis of a Hardknock Radio interview with J.L. King, the writer Oprah gave fame to in exchange for his racially focused confession of being a bisexual Black man who is "On the Down Low."
Then the show wraps with how the race card is used by Middle-East elites against Black Americans who challenge the issue of slavery. Tracey examines "Slavery, Genocide, and the Politics of Outrage."  The essay is debunked by references to Kola Boof, Mende Nazer, and Hana Baba.
06-17-05 "Beyond The Shadow" segment on the corporatization of Hip Hop, as Tracey James examines a conversation between Jeff Chang and Adam Mansbach.
06-10-05 Slave Revolt goes into the Taliban public relations within the United States before 911, beginning with Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi and Laili Helms, niece of ex-CIA director Richard helms.
06-03-05 Tracey and Gerald spotlights the Experience of a Hatian G I Joe, from oral sex to deportation.  Then Tracey answers questions from a listener's email having to do with his critique of the recently deceased "humanitarian" Marla Ruzicka.
05-27-05 Tonight, a "Beyond the Shadow" segment on Henry Ford and the Jews, and then a look at "Ruins of Empire" with close examination of the fantasies of the ruling class and their way of operation.  Slave Revolt touches on the Axis of Evil: Sudan, Russia, and China.
05-20-05 Muhammad Ali & the Media.  Tracey and Gerald go over an old clip of what happened when a revolutionary Muhammad Ali shared the stage with the Bling-Bling coonin' Sly Stone.  Slave Revolt ties this to current events.
05-13-05 "Ruins of Empire" segment on the degeneration of society.  During the Alan Combs radio show, a right wing christian hack (Neil Horsley) admits to his past experience with bestiality.
Then Slave Revolt questions the role of "humanitarians" (Marla Ruzicka) in the war in Iraq.
Tracey James examines the response of people about (pro football player) Terrell Owens' contract renegotiation in comparison to the nonresponse to the airline contract renegotiation. 
05-06-05 Tonight an interview with Peter Duesberg, as Aids, HIV and corporate science gets placed under the Slave Revolt microscope to examie some of the myths and mysteries surrounding the virus.
04-29-05 Slave Revolt opens with a new segment called "Amos & Andy" which examines the sad Ohio Republican Kenneth Blackwell and his arrogance when questioned by Black women about the past election fraud.
Then, Tracy and Gerald go thru a L.A. Times article exposing the close ties between the Bush administration and the Sudan Khartoum government.  Also, further proof Bin Laden worked with the United States government while he was on the "watch" list. 
The show comes to a close with a segment on NBA and fan violence.
04-22-05 "Beyond the shadow" explores the Real Martial Law and the Black experience.
04-15-05 Various topics of vicious/callousness of a draconian society, and a "Ruins of Empire" segment on professional sports.
04-08-05 A "Beyond the Shadow" segment exploring Sam's basic contempt for humanity.
04-01-05 Tonight the Slave Revolt team takes a "Beyond the Shadow" look at the Terri Schiavo case, and shows how Terri Schiavo's brain dead condition reflected the mental state of many who followed her case thru the corporate media and beyond.
03-25-05 Beyond the Shadow segment on Big oil vs Neo cons w/ Greg Palast, and then the "Tragedy" of Phil Donahue.
03-11-05 Adventures in Corporate Medialand segment on Judith Miller (NY times corp media henchwoman) trials and tribulations.
03-04-05 On the show, an examination of the not so liberal voices polluting the airwaves, from the satellite liberal talk fest called "The Young Turks" to the laughable C-Span presentation of Tavis Smiley's meeting of "Black Leaders."
02-25-05 The Big Brother society survaillence on a national/international level examining interview with Robert O 'Harrow author of "No Place to Hide" and a hell of a lot more.
02-18-05 In a new segment, Slave Revolt takes you thru the political growth of Huey Newton, his relevancy today, and how his image has been shaped, manipulated, and distorted by right wing reactionaries.
02-11-05 A recent book about the Head Negro in Charge Syndrome by Norman Kelley, which deals with the lack of authentic Black leadership gets examined on tonight's show. 
Also, Tracey James, Gerald Smith, and Reggie, talk about the Ward Churchill media lynching by punks like Bill O'Reilly.
02-04-05 We go "Beyond the Shadow", covering a deal with the Devil in Sudan and the so called "Peace Deal", then an analysis of another deal, the Iraqi Elections.
01-28-05 "Beyond the Shadow" segment on the concept of any Black face in a high place is a symbol of advancement for the rest of us.
01-21-05 The second installment on War Propaganda, looking closely at the movie "Rules of Engagement".  Also a commentary by Tracey James on School of the Americas.
01-14-05 "Beyond the Shadow" segment focusing on Hollywood war propaganda in the movies Tracey and Gerald tear apart the movie "Rules of Engagement" while bouncing back to reality of War, torture and a hell of a lot more.
01-07-04 Tonight a "Beyond the Shadow" segment on the Democratic strategy.  Tracy James and Gerald Smith examine C-SPAN's coverage of establishment Democrats and what they think of the liberals, progressives, and leftists.
Towards the end of the program Tracy goes into some interesting facts about Ghandi you may not have known.
12-31-04  Tracy James & Gerald Smith end the year with "Adventures in Corporate Medialand", where they deconstruct recent corporate media war coverage with the illusions of hope on the horizon. Then SRR New years resolution 2004 and a hell of alot more.
12-24-04 "Beyond the Shadow" segment focusing on Empire(Sam) exposed in the light of Iraq Quagmire. The attack in Mosul shows a growing confidence in the Iraqi freedom fighters.  Tracy James and Gerald Smith delve into the weaknesses in the U.S. military.  Also, the truth about ex-NFL soldier Pat Tillman.
The show wraps with a look into the origin of Kwanzaa and its creator, Maulana Ron Karenga, who was an FBI informer against the Black Panthers.
12-17-04  Justice in Baghdad? A debate between Abdul Haq Al-Ani, a London-based attorney who is one of Saddam Hussein's lawyers and Michael Scharf, one of five international law experts who helped train Iraqi judges after major combat ended in the country. Slave Revolt pulls the curtain away from this debate to see how the Iraqi people have never and will never have control over their land, law, and livelihood.
12-10-04 Tracy James opens the show tonight with a reading from an essay on the marriage of policing and military.  Then, Gerald Smith & Tracy James concentrates on the U.S. Empire's military beat-down in Fallujah and the casual way America has accepted these atrocities.
12-03-04   With the fifth year of the 21rst century approaching, society has taken a step backward as debates still rage over teaching creationism in public schools and the Gumpified public watches media reports (FOX, MSNBC, CNN) on whether people should say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays."  This is at a time when the FDA has allowed killer drugs to flood the market, the war in Iraq creeps closer to Vietnam, and the value of the dollar continues to decline. Tonight Tracey James takes a "Beyond the Shadow" look at the media, religion, and the state.
11-26-04 Examination of recent NBA "riot" and black athletes decline within the NBA plantation shows the underlying class struggle and racism in professional sports.
11-19-04 Garbage supplied to our minds, garbage supplied to our bodies is the focus this week as Slave Revolt takes a trip thru "Corporate Media Land" to see what the government has been feeding us, from the excuses for the quagmire in Iraq to the Meat Industry's excuses for the garbage fed to millions.
Should the Left Bend its Knees
Part 1 mp3     and       Part 2 mp3
11-12-04 Special 2 1/2 hour program. In the past few weeks, there has been plenty of babble about the role religion played in the elections (no talk of vote scams) and the all-powerful religious right. The two weasel parties are now at work trying to out-God each other, displacing the reality-based problems of the reality-based people. This is dangerous given the history of religion and justification of the most egregious acts committed by the Corporate State. Tracey James and Gerald Smith dig into that history.
11-05-04 How much longer will liberals apologize before they figure out the Democrats in power do not represent the labor force, the oppressed, the poor, the people without a voice.  Democrats are the false opposition party.  Tonight on Slave Revolt, Tracey James and Gerald Smith surf the airwaves and examine the talking heads who make excuses for a failed attempt at replacing one war criminal with another war criminal.
10-22-04 Tonight, Slave Revolt takes a "Beyond the Shadow" look at how terms and images create a thin line of separation between Liberals and Conservatives.  This includes Noam Chomsky.
10-15-04 Slave Revolt starts with a look at another war, the war on women's rights.  Then an examination of Howard Zinn and how the liberal intelligentsia has flip-flopped, Zinn-Zagged, and abandoned what they stood for in order to get Bush out of office.  Is Kerry anything but more of the same?
10-09-04 Broadcast excerpts from a recent panel presented by The New Yorker magazine shows us what's going on on Massa's Plantation. On the panel were network news anchors Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather. They discuss the presidential campaign and network news.  Slave Revolt Radio shines a light on the strings behind these puppets.
10-02-04 Tonight, Slave Revolt Radio continues its look at what's happening in Sudan.  Tracey James examines how other radio shows like Davey-D's Hardknock Radio is handling this topic.  Black Americans are as confused as White Americans as to the history and how Sudan came to be where it is today. Part two of a two part show.
09-24-04 Tonight on Slave Revolt, in this "Beyond the Shadow" segment, Tracey James details the historical facts left out of the discussions about Sudan and the real causes behind the human rights abuses taking place.  This is part one of a two part show.
09-17-04 Tonight on Slave Revolt Radio, the show begins with CNN's Paula Zahn and her quest to find out if it's over the top for a liberal ad to mention statistics showing more Black Americans have died (at this point in the Iraq war) than White Americans. Al Sharpton does an Amos 'N Andy debate with Rev Joe Watkins about what's going on on Sam's plantation. And then CNN's Aaron Brown tries to figure out why Iraqis are so ungrateful after American bombs and bullets freed them. And the show wraps up with a discussion between NPR's Terry Gross and Seymour Hersh about CBS obeying the PENTAGON's request to hold back the Abu Ghraib torture photos for a period of time in order to get the lies straight. This is the so-called liberal media?

09-03-04  A poll showed 51% of the people rooted against the U.S. Olympic basketball team. This was before they lost. Why have Americans become disenchanted with the team? Does it have to do with the money they make, the cornrows in their hair, the jewelry around their necks, their pigmentation maybe? How does this connect to the Asian-Americans in the LPGA tour?

As the body count mounts, George Bush continues to wave the flag, running on the image of a war president.

08-27-04  From the sardonic to the bigotry claims of the Cato Institute, Lou Dobbs has come under scrutiny for his criticism of outsourcing.   A look at what is at the heart of the rightwing fears as Lou Dobbs' recent interview with Bill Moyers takes a trip through "Beyond the Shadow."
Also, true accounts of atrocities in Vietnam by soldiers who refused to participate in the rapes, murders, and cover-ups. 
Then Gerald Smith wraps the show with "Makin' it Plain News."
08-20-04 Tonight, a "Beyond the Shadow" look at the presidential battle through political hack ads and how this is being debated in mainstream news like CNN.  Vietnam has been twisted into a noble war by Kerry and his advisors.
08-06-04 On tonight's show, "Beyond the Shadow" with Tracey James as he examines how privatization of everything from the water we drink to the air we breathe leads to environmental disaster and war.
Also a McDonalds commentary on the fast food franchise's lawsuit.
Then the show wraps it up with Gerald Smith and "Makin It Plain News".
07-30-2004 Tonight's show Tracey James & Gerald Smith spend time on the Ricky Williams issue.  Everyone from ESPN's Sportscenter to Bill O'reilly's No Spin Zone has slammed the football star for retiring early.  They questioned everything from his manhood to drug use.  This show examines the real reasons for Ricky Williams sudden ritirement and what's truly behind the near hysteria among the talking heads in corporate media.
Then Tracey dissects Al Sharpton's "Ride the Donkey" speech at the Democratic Convention.
07-23-04 On tonight's show Tracey James talks about the drowning of Liberal and Reformist politics.  The "Anyone But Bush Crowd" has chosen to view Nader and third party politicians as Monkeywrenches.  How is choice managed?  Is Kerry a real option?  Is Nader a real option?  How about Libertarian?  In a system of corporate controlled politicians who whore themselves out to the highest bidder, can one guy in a suit and tie make a bit of difference?
07-09-04 Market capitalism at the end has no lesser evil.  Tonight a "Beyond the Shadow" segment with Tracey James as he weaves together the Republican party and the Democratic party, showing the scam between the fabric of the two party uniform.
The show wraps with an example of the Patriot Act Police State everyone now lives under.
07-02-04  "Beyond the Shadow" with Tracey James.  Tonight Tracey deconstructs poet laureate Amiri Baraka's speech at the Hip-Hop Summit.
Then later, a short history factoid and a commentary called "Happy 4th Of July Because It Is A Lie Because It Ain't Our Damn Independence Day."
06-24-04 Bill Cosby gets the Slave Revolt treatment.  The truth about this man, and people of his ilk.
06-24-04 Things get started with news clips of the denial to acknowledge Gulf War Syndrome, and the denial to acknowledge racism in the military.
Then Tracey James goes to work with the Columbine school shooting and the September 11th attacks which share the same factor: Denial.

War, Racism, Columbine cover-up and 9/11 cover-up.  Just another night with Slave Revolt Radio.
06-11-04 Ronald Reagan's legacy has been warped by the media. Here's the real deal on what Reagan stood for and why we can't vote our way out of this system.

"Beyond the Shadow" segment on how the U.S. system compares to South Africa, where a small elite ownes a majority of the land & infrastructure.
 05-28-04 NBA stars avoid the olympics. Is it safe to go?

Also, a conversation between Toni Morrison and Cornel West raises questions about Blacks role in a market based sytem.
05-21-04 In this "Shameless File" segment Tracey James & Gerald Smith go over Ahmed Chalabi's fall from grace as he becomes another in the long list of CIA/Pentagon shadow players who were once a friend, but now an enemy.
Then next, "Ruins of Empire" segment takes a look at the corporate media's view of NBA stars who don't want to participate in this year's Olympics.
Gerald Smith wraps with "Make it Plain News."
05-14-04 Tonight Tracey James takes a "Beyond the shadow" look at the media's coverage of military abuse. (sorry for buzz from recording, way was sent)
05-07-04 Tonight Slave Revolt tackles Rumsfeld and his follies in the prison abuse scandal.
Then, Tracey goes on a rant about the need for forceful resistance and the dangers of Gun Control.  Haiti is the prime example.
04-30-2004 From Abu Ghraib to Jon Burge to John Negroponte to Prince Bandar, Uncle Sam keeps showing his ass.  Tracey James & Gerald Smith delve into the ugly doings of The New World Order's servants along with the managed media that tries protects them.
04-23-04 On tonight's show, Slave Revolt looks at the story of two athletes, Pat Tillman and Amare Stoudemire.  This is an example of  how Uncle Sam eats its young.
04-16-04 Tonight, Slave Revolt explores in "Adventures in Corporate Media Land" how the media dealt with Boy George's Q&A with the press and then tie it into how the war on Iraqi people and the continuous war on black is just an American enterprise of bad genes.
Wrapping the show up is Gerald Smith with "Makin' it Plain News."
04-09-04 Tonight starts off with a "Beyond the Shadow" segment on the uprising and how Uncle Sam has gotten into this situation, and what Bush's imperialist colleagues, who speak against him and his Neo-Con partners, are really trying to do to bring him back into the fold.
Later Gerald brings more news on the Uprising.
04-02-04 The idea of "soft imperialism" gets examined in "Beyond the Shadow" segment.  Within this, hear an interview of Sibel Edmonds, the FBI translator who saw proof that the Bush administration had information about the 9/11 attacks prior to 9/11.  They knew and didn't stop it.
03-26-04 Tonight the show starts with Gerald Smith in a probing interview with the grocery workers who went on strike.
Then Slave Revolt focuses on the Israeli/Palestine Matrix.  Hamas doesn't seem to want real change, allowing their revolutionaries to blow themselves to bits.  Sharon seems to be empowered by Hamas's tactics.  Is this by accident or design?
03-19-04 On tonight's show, a "Beyond the Shadow" segment on the coons guarding massas hen-house: Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.
Then "Makin' it Plain News" brings you up to date with the grocers strike.
03-12-04 On tonights show a "Beyond the Shadow" segment on the capitalist market gain and how that effects and infects basic needs like public education.  At the end of this segment, a description of how Spatial Deconcentration has been put into play.  It all comes down to social control.
03-09-04 "Beyond the Shadow" blasts into the role of the "Left" in what should've been done and can be done with Haiti.  The corporate media played its traditional role as propagandists for the state.  The real deal as Tracey James reveals how Clinton and Bush helped train and finance the thugs who trashed Haiti's democracy.
03-02-04 Tonight's program deals with how a wretched empire tries to rollback any kind of democratic reform in an impoverished country: Haiti.  Then Slave Revolt explores how the propaganda machine in America, from Hollywood to CNN, is in full throttle.
The show ends with Gerald Smith with news on the grocery strike.
02-21-04 An "Adventure in Corporate Media Land" deals with a tale of two cities, one where the class of penis you have determines whether or not the media gets upset, and then the media's approach to science.
02-14-04 The deconstruction continues as Tracey James and Gerald Smith focus on Henry Louis Gates and his PBS documentary.
Gerald Smith brings you "Makin' it Plain News."
In the end, a word from Randall Robinson.
02-07-04 First in a two part series, Tracey James and Gerald Smith give you the real deal on Henry Louis Gates's documentary which aired on PBS.  Gates is an example of False Opposition.  Listen.  This show was aired on Unwelcome Guests and is thought of as one of the great critiques on the Ivy League's elitist views of America and the race issue.
01-18-04 Gerald Smith blasts his way thru "Makin' It Plain News" on Kevin Cooper, grocers strike and more. 
Then "Beyond the Shadow" on republicans in democrats clothes, and Micheal Moore's interview dissected.
01-11-04 "Beyond the Shadow" segment on Women's rights in occupied Iraq.
Gerald wraps it up with "Makin It Plain News" on Oakland schools & more.
01-04-04 A personal favorite, this show deals with Jesse Jackson, David Hilliard, Colin Powell, and has a great interview from the Bernie Ward Show to tie it all together.  This is a must listen for all who wonder why things stay the same no matter who is in office.  Democrat, Republican, doesn't matter.  Jesse Jackson comes out of this looking like the beat down defeated democrat he really is.  He does not serve the black community.  He sedates black political outrage.  Don't follow media appointed leaders.
12-26-03 Tonight Tracey James takes you thru "Adventures in Corporate Media Land" with the media's coverage of Mad Cow USA and ending with the Gerald Smith with "Makin it Plain News" on Kevin Coopers upcomming execution.
12-19-03 Since the capture of Saddam there's been plenty of talk about if the resistance will increase or decrease, speculating that Saddam was the reason for resistance.  On this week's show Tracey James reveals how the "liberal" media and Bill O'Reilly basically have the same outlook on the war in Iraq.  Another example of False Opposition.
12-12-03 Hillary Clinton believes in the war, believes in occupation, believes in militarizing cops, believes in concentrated power, believes in fascist rule.  This is only 20 minutes of a much longer show, but the beginning is worth the listen.
12-05-03 Tracey James & Gerald Smith goes "Beyond the Shadows" with Christopher Hitchens's new view of the world.  Another example of a defeated progressive.
Gerald Smith wraps up the show with "Makin' it Plain News."
11-29-03 Special 2 hour show tonight as Tracey James uses documentaries and news reports from past and present to make the obvious even more obvious.  Like 9/11, JFK has been a massive cover-up with the helping hands of the mass media.
11-14-03 A "Beyond the Shadow" segment with Donald Rumsfeld.  Rumsfeld's enduring legacy gets exposed.
Gerald Smith comes in to wrap things up with "Makin' it Plain News."
11-07-03 Gerald Smith brings "Makin' it Plain News" to the table first, then "Beyond the Shadow" as Tracey James shows how the news is spun from Meet the Press to Bill O'Reilly.  Great analysis on O'Reilly's crusade against "Gangster Rap" which is basically Corporate Rap, the same Corporation mindset that makes O'Reilly possible.
11-01-03 Gerald Smith starts things off with "Makin' it Plain News"  then commentary on Warren Saap and Rush Limbaugh's controversial statements.
Gerald starts off with "Makin it Plain News" then Slave Revolt blasts its way into "Beyond the Shadow" and "Here We Go Again, the Lesser of Two Evils."  The idea of voting our way out of a controlled system is futile.  The elites own the politicians.  The elites own the media.  The elites want to enslave us.  Break free.
Gerald Smith starts with "Makin' it Plain News" and the deregulation of the power industry.
Then Slave Revolt explores how the corporate media keeps the important facts under a lid.  Facts such as depleted uranium, pollution around the world trade center and so on.
Tonight starts of with "Adventures in Corporate Media Land" into the myths being protecting by ignoring the soldiers dying from mysterious illness.  Soldiers who are mistreated by Uncle Sam are rendered invisible by the corporate media.
Gerald Smith brings things to a close with "Makin it Plain News."
03-27-2000 Gerald Smith & Tracy James does an hours worth "Makin' it Plain News."  Among many things they discuss crime and police tactics.  Shortened show, most shows run ninety minutes.
03-25-2000 Gerald Smith and Tracey James covers a variety of topics.  Some interesting talk about Haiti.  Also talk about the court appointed lawyer who fell asleep during the trial.  This is a shortened show which isn't the best quality.
03-12-2000 The "Makin' It Plain News" kicks back some of those bullets tonight on Slave Revolt.  Amadou Diallo  and cop talk fills the hour.  Incomplete show.  Most shows run ninety minutes.
03-04-2000 Show starts off with testimony from one of the brutal pigs.  Hear him get caught in a lie.  Tracey James takes us through the news of police corruption.  Shortened show.

Interviews of Interest

Danny MacLeith of KCSB Sports speaks with UC Santa Barbara Professor of Black Studies Otis Madison. Madison touches on media images of black athletes in the past and present, as well as WHO is delivering these images. 03-21-2004
Author and professor William Watkins brings an historical perspective to the crisis in education in America today.  His book The White Architects of Black Education is a critique on idea management, teacher proofing the curriculum, creating robotic citizens who do not challenge the social order, economic order, or the world order.  From People's Tribune Radio.
Alexander Cockburn, author of Dimes Worth of Difference: Beyond the Lesser of Two Evils, interviewed by Bob McChesney. 08-29-2004

Confrontational callers along with excellent interview.
Dr. Alan Bean, a former Baptist preacher, President of the Drug Policy Forum of Texas and Executive Director of Friends of Justice- which fought for the release of the victims of the Drug Task Force and Agent Tom Coleman in Tulia, Texas- talks about that travesty and the possibility of many more.  06-19-2004

Phillip Dru interviews Gary Webb, writer of the infamous Dark Alliance series in the San Jose Mercury News, and the author of the book: Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion, about Meneses, Blandon, "Freeway" Ricky Ross and the crack they sold.  01-31-2004

Interview with Ward Churchill mp3

On Free Radio Burlington, Ward Churchill discusses 9/11, Nazis, Native America, Cointelpro, FBI, and activism.  The statements and ideas in this interview would lead to Churchill being attacked by the establishment. 12-17-2001





The infamous Tracey James in a rare appearance is interviewed by Skidmark Bob at Free Radio Santa Cruz.

Monday Night Radio: Gerald Smith & Skidmark Bob with George mp3

The Pirate Radio gang discuss the purpose of microradio and taking control of the media.  Also talk about NPR, Pacifica, and the cost of starting your own radio show.

Monday Night Radio: GERALD SMITH mp3

Gerald Smith from "Slave Revolt Radio" and Jeff Blankfort from "Takes on the World" discuss recent events on Monday Night Radio with Scooter.

Gerald From Slave Revolt Radio mp3

Gerald talks about problems with KPFA and Pacifica Radio.


A special collaboration between rootwork and Slave Revolt Radio for Black History Month; exploration and discussion into various aspects of Black History from a different perspective; the legacy of Black resistance and liberation.

A passionate discussion uncovering the truth behind the corporate news and the lies of the system.
Frank Moore (with Linda Mac) interviews Gerald Smith and Tracy James of Slave Revolt Radio on his live, weekly program "Frank Moore's Shaman's Den" which airs on Love Underground Visionary Revolution (LUVeR)

Frank Moore was born with Cerebral Palsy. Self-taught, Frank has been painting since 1965. His work has been exhibited around the U.S. and Canada. In addition to oil on canvas, he also does live performance and video.

Frank Moore's Shaman's Den: "What Should The Left Do?" A Conversation with Slave Revolt Radio's Tracy James mp3

Frank Moore (with Linda Mac) talks with Tracy James on the subject "What Should The Left Do?" on his live, weekly program "Frank Moore's Shaman's Den" which airs on Love Underground Visionary Revolution (LUVeR)

Frank and Tracy tear away the myths of the liberal left, discuss the presidential candidates, and talk deeply about the attempts of the market economy to control the people of the world, past and present, and the paths to change/revolution.

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