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Lorenzo Ganganelli, O.F.M.Conv, Pope Clement XIV. Consecrated 28 May 1769 in Saint Peter`s Basilica, Rome, by Federico Marcello Cardinal Lante, Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina, Vice Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals, assisted by Giovanni Francesco Cardinal Albano, Bishop of Sabina, and Henry Benedict Mary Cardinal Stuart, Duke of York, Bishop of Frascati.

Federico Marcello Lante, Titular Archbishop of Petra, President of the Legation of Urbino. Consecrated 19 October 1732 in the Metropolitan Cathedral, Urbino, by Annibale Cardinal Albani, Bishop of Sabina, assisted by Eustachio Palma, Bishop of Fossombrone and Bartolomeo Castelli, Bishop of Senigallia.

Annibale Albani, Cardinal and Bishop of Sabina. Consecrated 15 August 1730 in the Chapel of the choir of the Vatican Basilica, Rome, by Francesco Cardinal Barberini, Dean of the Sacred College, Bishop of Ostia e Velletri, Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops and Regulars, assisted by Tommaso Cervini, Titular Archbishop of Nicomedia and Raniero Felice Simonetti, Titular Archbishop of Nicosia.

Francesco Barberini, Cardinal and Bishop of Palestrina. Consecrated 16 March 1721 in the monastic Church of the Holy Incarnation of the Discalced Carmelites, called the Barberine Monastery, Rome, by Fabrizio Cardinal Paulucci, Bishop of Albano, Secretary of State, assisted by Vincenzo Petra, Titular Archbishop of Damascus and Bernardo Maria Conti, O.S.B., Bishop emeritus of Terracina.

Fabrizio Paulucci, Bishop of Macerata e Tolentino. Consecrated 6 May 1685 in the Church of San Filippo, Rome, by Gaspare Cardinal Carpegna, Vicar of Rome, assisted by ....

Gaspare Carpegna, Titular Archbishop of Nicea. Consecrated 22 June 1670 in the Church of San Silvestro in Capite, Rome, by Paluzzo Cardinal Altieri, Archbishop of Ravenna, assisted by Stefano Ugolini, Titular Patriarch of Constantinople and Francesco Marini, Bishop of Molfetta.

Please see the Episcopal Lineage of Pope John Paul II for the remainder of this episcopal lineage.

The Episcopal Lineage of Pope John Paul II

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