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Michelangelo dei Conti, the future Pope Innocent XIII, Titular Archbishop of Tarsus. Consecrated 26 June 1695 at Rome, in the Church of the Gesł, by Galeazzo Cardinal Marescotti, assisted by Prospero Bottini, Titular Archbishop of Myra, and Sperello Sperelli, Bishop of Terni

Galeazzo Marescotti, Titular Archbishop of Corinthus, Apostolic Nuncio to Poland. Consecrated 4 March 1668 at Rome, in the Church of Saints Sixtus and Dominic, by Pietro Cardinal Vidoni, Bishop of Lodi, assisted by Giacomo de Angelis, Archbishop emeritus of Urbino, and Carlo de Vecchis, Titular Archbishop of Athens.

Pietro Vidoni, Bishop of Lodi. Consecrated 9 October 1644 in the Church of Sant`Andrea della Valle, Rome, by Giovanni Battista Maria Cardinal Pallotta, assisted by Ranuzio Scotti, Bishop of Borgo San Donnino, and Patrizio Donati, Bishop of Minori.

Giovanni Battista Maria Pallotta, Titular Archbishop of Thessalonica. Elected Titular Archbishop of Thessalonica 18 September 1628. No information has yet been found concerning his consecration.


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