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The Episcopal Lineage of Pope Clement XI

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Giovanni Francesco Albani, Pope Clement XI. Consecrated 30 November 1700 in Saint Peter`s Basilica by Emmanuel Théodose Cardinal de la Tour d`Auvergne de Bouillon, Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina, Sub-dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals, assisted by Nicolo Cardinal Acciaiuoli, Bishop of Frascati, and Gaspare Cardinal Carpegna, Bishop of Sabina.

Emmanuel Théodose de la Tour d`Auvergne de Bouillon, Cardinal and Bishop of Albano. Consecrated 20 November 1689 in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, by Flavio Cardinal Chigi, assisted by Giovanni Battista Rubini, Bishop of Vicenza, and Francesco Giusti, Bishop of Sutri.

Flavio Chigi, Cardinal and Bishop of Albano. Consecrated 24 March 1686 in Rome by Paluzzo Cardinal Altieri, assisted by ....

Please see the Episcopal Lineage of Pope John Paul II for the remainder of this episcopal lineage.

This is part of the Rebiban Lineage.