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This lineage also includes those of Pope Saint Pius V, Pope Urban VIII, and Pope Clement VII.

Fabio Chigi, Bishop of Nardo, the future Pope Alexander VII. Consecrated 1 July 1635 in the chapel of the Jesuit College, La Valletta, Malta, by Juan Balaguer de Camarasa, Bishop of Malta, assisted by Salvatore Imbroll, Prior of Saint John of Jerusalem, and Antonio Toloscenzio, Vicar General of Malta.

Juan Balaguer de Camarasa, Bishop of Malta. Consecrated 18 February 1635 at Rome, in the Church of Sant`Andrea della Valle, by Francesco Maria Cardinal Brancaccio, Bishop emeritus of Capaccio, assisted by Carlo Carafa, Bishop of Aversa, and Pietro Luigi Carafa, Bishop of Tricarico.
Francesco Maria Brancaccio, Bishop of Capaccio. Consecrated 8 September 1627 at Rome, in the Church of Sant`Andrea della Valle, by Cosmo Cardinal de Torres, assisted by Giuseppe Acquaviva, Titular Archbishop of Tebe, and Francesco Nappi, Bishop of Polignano.
Cosmo de Torres, Titular Archbsihop of Hadrianopolis. Consecrated 25 April 1621 at Rome, in the Church of Sant`Andrea della Valle, by Maffeo Cardinal Barberini, assisted by Diofebe Farnese, Patriarch of Jerusalem, and Volpiano Volpi, Archbishop emeritus of Chieti.
Maffeo Barberini, Titular Archbishop of Nazareth, the future Pope Urban VIII. Consecrated 28 October 1604 at Rome, in a chapel of the Apostolic Palace, by Fabio Biondi di Montalto, Patriarch of Jerusalem, assisted by Leonard Abel, Titular Bishop of Sidon, and Tommaso Lapi, Bishop of Fano.
Fabio Biondi di Montalto, Patriarch of Jerusalem. Consecrated 17 January 1588 at Rome, in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, by Scipione Cardinal Gonzaga, assisted by Giovanni Albani, Patriarch of Alexandria, and Girolamo Bevilacqua, Titular Archbishop of Nazareth.
Scipione Gonzaga, Patriarch of Jerusalem. Consecrated 4 October 1585 at Rome, in the Church of San Lorenzo in Lucina, by Innico Cardinal d`Avalos d`Aragonia, assisted by Enrico Caetani, Patriarch of Alexandria, and Annibale di Capua, Archbishop of Napoli.
Innico d`Avalos d`Aragonia, Cardinal and Bishop of Mileto. Consecrated 13 October 1566 in Rome, in the Sistine Chapel, by Pope Saint Pius V, assisted by Giacomo Cardinal Savelli, and Niccolo Gaetano Cardinal Sermoneta.
Michele Ghislieri, O.P., Bishop of Nepi e Sutri, the future Pope Saint Pius V. Consecrated 14 September 1566 at Rome, in the Sistine Chapel, by Giovanni Michele Cardinal Saraceni, assisted by Giovanni Beraldo, Bishop of Telese, and Nicola Majorano, Bishop of Molfetta.
Giovanni Michele Saraceni, Archbishop of Acerenza e Matera. Consecrated 23 March 1536 at Rome, in the chapel of his consecrator, by Antonio Cardinal San Severino, assisted by Lorenzo Santarelli, Bishop of Pult, and Giacomo Poncetti, Bishop of Molfetta.
Antonio San Severino, Cardinal and Archbishop of Taranto. Consecrated 21 December 1531 at Rome, in the Sistine Chapel, by Pope Clement VII, assisted by Alessandro Cardinal Farnese, Bishop of Ostia, by Antonio Cardinal Ciocchi del Monte, Bishop of Porto, and by Andrea Cardinal della Valle.
Giulio de`Medici, Cardinal and Archbishop of Firenze, the future Pope Clement VII.  Consecrated 21 December 1517 at Rome, at the Vatican, in camera superiore, by Pope Leo X, assisted by ...

Please see the d'Estouteville lineage for the remainder of this episcopal lineage.




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