Apostolic Succession in the Roman Catholic Church
Pope Leo XI
La Genealogia Episcopal del Santo Padre Francisco
UGCC Episcopal Lineage
Pope Eugene IV
Pope Nicholas V
Pope Leo XI
The Ravizza Line
A Maronite Lineage
Pope Pius III Lineage
Pope Julius III
Pope Hadrian VI Lineage
Pope Gregory XIV Lineage
Pope Sixtus V Lineage
Pope Pius IV Lineage
Pope Urban VII Lineage
Pope Marcellus II & Pope Paul IV Lineage
Missing papal lineages
Pope Innocent XIII Lineage
Pope Clement XI Lineage
Pope Innocent XII Lineage
Pope Alexander VIII Lineage
Blessed Pope Innocent XI Lineage
Pope Clement X Lineage
Pope Clement IX Lineage
Pope Alexander VII Lineage
d'Estouteville Lineage
Roman-rite bishops belonging to Eastern lines
Pope Gregory XVI lineage
Pope Innocent X Lineage
Pope Gregory XV Lineage
Pope Pius VII Lineage
Pope Pius VI lineage
Pope Clement XIV Lineage
Pope Clement XII Lineage
Pope Leo XIII Episcopal Lineage
Blessed Pope Pius IX & Pope Pius VIII Lineage
von Bodman Lineage
de Bovet Lineage
Pope John Paul I Lineage
Popes Paul VI, Pius XII, Benedict XV, and St. Pius X
Blessed Pope John XXIII Lineage
Pope John Paul II Lineage
Pope Pius XI Lineage
Pope Benedict XVI Lineage

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Alessandro Ottaviano de Medici, the future Pope Leo XII, Bishop of Pistoia. Consecrated in March 1573, after the 9th, at Rome, by Francisco Cardinal Pacheco, Bishop of Burgos, assisted by .... (Arnaldo D'Addario, Aspetti della Controriforma a Firenze, p.245)

Francisco Cardinal Pacheco de Toledo, Bishop of Burgos. Consecrated 26 October 1567 at Rome, in the Church of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, by Antoine Cardinal Perrenot de Granvelle, Archbishop of Malines, assisted by Giovanni Francesco Cardinal Gambara, Bishop of Viterbo, and Iñigo Avalos de Aragón, Bishop of Mileto.

Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle, Bishop of Arras. Consecrated 21 May 1542 at Valladolid, Spain, by Juan Cardinal Pardo Tavera, Archbishop of Toledo, assisted by ....

Juan Pardo Tavera, Bishop of Ciudad Rodrigo. Named Bishop of Ciudad Rodrigo 14 July 1514. The details of his consecration have not yet been discovered.