Apostolic Succession in the Roman Catholic Church

An example of the de Bovet lineage

La Genealogia Episcopal del Santo Padre Francisco
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Non-Rebiban lineages

An example of the de Bovet lineage

DOMINIC TANG YEE-MING, S.J., Titular Bishop of Elatea and Apostolic Administrator of Canton. Consecrated 13 February 1951 in the chapel of the bishopric, Canton, by Gustave Deswaziere, M.E.P., Bishop of Pakhoi, assisted by Father Cham and Father Lau.

GUSTAVE DESWAZIERE, M.E.P., Titular Bishop of Maximiana and Vicar Apostolic of Pakhoi. Consecrated 27 January 1929 in the Church of Saint Joseph, Tourcoing, France, by Jean Baptiste Marie Budes de Guébriant, M.E.P., Titular Archbishop of Marcianopolis and Superior General of the Paris Foreign Mission Society, assisted by Charles Lecomte, Bishop of Amiens, and Achille Liénart, Bishop of Lille.

JEAN BAPTISTE MARIE BUDES de GUÉBRIANT, M.E.P., Titular Bishop of Euroea and Vicar Apostolic of Kien-Tchang. Consecrated 20 November 1910 at Suifu by Célestin Félix Chouvellon, M.E.P., Titular Bishop of Dansara and Vicar Apostolic of Eastern Szechwan, assisted by Jean Pierre Fayolle, M.E.P., Titular Bishop of Lampa and Coadjutor Vicar Apostolic of Southern Szechwan, and Father Edouard Gourdin, M.E.P.

CÉLESTIN FÉLIX CHOUVELLON, M.E.P., Titular Bishop of Dansara and Vicar Apostolic of Eastern Szechwan. Consecrated 27 December 1891 at Chungking by Félix Biet, M.E.P., Titular Bishop of Diana and Vicar Apostolic of Tibet, assisted by two priests.

FÉLIX BIET, M.E.P., Titular Bishop of Diana and Vicar Apostolic of Tibet. Consecrated 24 November 1878 at Hopatchang by Annet Théophile Pinchon, M.E.P., Titular Bishop of Polemonium and Vicar Apostolic of Western Szechwan, assisted by two priests.

ANNET THÉOPHILE PINCHON, M.E.P., Titular Bishop of Polemonium and Coadjutor Vicar Apostolic of Western Szechwan. Consecrated 4 September 1859 at Ho-kia-in by Jacques Léonard Perocheau, M.E.P., Titular Bishop of Maxula, assisted by Father Ferréol Sage, M.E.P., and Father Charles Pignoux, M.E.P.

JACQUES LÉONARD PEROCHEAU, M.E.P., Titular Bishop of Maxula and Coadjutor Vicar Apostolic of Szechwan. Consecrated 1 February 1818 in the chapel of the motherhouse of the Paris Foreign Mission Society, Paris, by François de Bovet, Archbishop of Toulouse, assisted by Jean Claude Le Blanc de Beaulieu, Bishop of Soissons, and William Poynter, Titular Bishop of Alali and Vicar Apostolic of London.

FRANÇOIS de BOVET, Bishop of Sisteron. Consecrated 13 September 1789 at Paris.


To date, the identities of the consecrator and co-consecrators of François de Bovet have not been discovered. It is thought that he probably belongs to the Rebiban succession, to which more than 91 percent of today`s bishops belong, but lacking the name of his consecrator, it is not possible to make that connection. The fact that he was consecrated as the last bishop of a now defunct diocese, coupled with the loss of many archival materials during the French Revolution, and that the consecration took place at Paris, has made the search for this information particularly difficult. Speaking to this last point, during this period of time there were many bishops resident in Paris, in addition to the Archbishop of Paris and the Papal Nuncio. Additionally, in France at this time, the consecrations of bishops were usually not the large public events which we are accustomed to today. They were often performed early in the morning, in the chapels of religious houses, and without a large congregation.


The living bishops of the de Bovet line

*Archbishop Murphy Nicholas Xavier Pakiam of Kuala Lumpur

*Archbishop emeritus Anthony Soter Fernandez of Kuala Lumpur

*Bishop Sebastian Francis of Penang

*Bishop emeritus James Chan Soon Cheong of Melaka-Johor

*Bishop emeritus Antony Selvanayagam of Penang

*Auxiliary Bishop John Baptist Tseng Chien-tsi of Hwalien (titular of Sulolos)

*Bishop emeritus Fransiskus Xaverius Rocharjant Prajasuta, M.S.F., of Banjarmasin

*Bishop Petrus Boddeng Timang of Banjarmasin

*Auxiliary Bishop Paul He Zeqing of Wanxian**

*Bishop Peter Luo Xuegang of Yibin** 

**These two bishops are not listed in the Annuario Pontificio. Bishop He Zeqing was publicly consecrated with a papal mandate on 18 October 2005. See:


Bishop Luo Xuegang was publicly consecrated with a papal mandate on 30 November 2011.  See: