Apostolic Succession in the Roman Catholic Church

An example of the d'Estouteville Lineage

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Non-Rebiban lineages

An example of the d'Estouteville Lineage

Paul Joseph Marie Gouyon, Bishop of Bayonne. Consecrated 7 October 1957 at Bordeaux, Cathedral of Saint-André, by Paul Marie André Richaud, Archbishop of Bordeaux, assisted by Joseph Martin, Archbishop of Rouen, and by Louis Jean Guyot, Bishop of Coutances et Avranches.

Paul Marie André Richaud, Titular Bishop of Irenopolis in Isauria, Auxiliary of Versailles. Consecrated 25 January 1934 at Versailles, Cathedral, by Benjamin Octave Roland-Gosselin, Bishop of Versailles, assisted by Pierre Gerlier, Bishop of Tarbes et Lourdes, and by Georges Auguste Louis, Bishop of Périgueux.

Benjamin Octave Roland-Gosselin, Titular Bishop of Mosynopolis and Auxiliary of Paris. Consecrated 12 August 1919 at Paris, Notre-Dame Cathedral , by Léon-Adolphe Cardinal Amette, Archbishop of Paris, assisted by Emile Chesnelong, Archbishop of Sens, and by Charles Gibier, Bishop of Versailles.

Léon-Adolphe Amette, Bishop of Bayeux. Consecrated 25 January 1899 at Evreux, Cathedral, by Guillaume Marie Romain Cardinal Sourrieu, Archbishop of Rouen, assisted by François Sueur, Archbishop d`Avignon, and by Philippe Meunier, Bishop of Evreux.

Guillaume Marie Romain Sourrieu, Bishop of Châlons. Consecrated 30 November 1882 at Rocamadour by Pierre Alfred Grimardias, Bishop of Cahors, assisted by Odon Thibaudier, Bishop of Soissons, and by Pierre Lamazou, Bishop of Limoges.

Pierre Alfred Grimardias, Bishop of Cahors. Consecrated 6 August 1866 at Clermont-Ferrand, Cathedral, by Louis Feron, Bishop of Clermont, assisted by Pierre Lamouroux de Pompignac, Bishop of Saint-Flour, and by Pierre Le Breton, Bishop of Le Puy.

Louis Feron, Bishop of Clermont. Consecrated 16 March 1834 at Paris, 140, rue du Bac, by Hyacinthe Louis de Quelen, Archbishop of Paris, assisted by Romain Gallart, Bishop of Meaux, and by Louis Blanquart de Bailleul, Bishop of Versailles.

Hyacinthe Louis de Quelen, Titular Bishop of Samosate and Auxiliary of Paris. Consecrated 28 October 1817 at Paris, Carmes, rue de Vaugirard, by Gabriel Cortois de Pressigny, Archbishop of Besançon, assisted by Jean de Coucy, Archbishop of Reims, and by Jean-Baptiste de Latil, Bishop of Chartres.

Gabriel Cortois de Pressigny, Bishop of Saint-Malo. Consecrated 15 January 1786 at Mussy-sur-Seine, in the parish church, by César-Guillaume de La Luzerne, Bishop of Langres, assisted by Jacques de Vogue, Bishop of Dijon, and by Jules de Clermont-Tonnerre, Bishop of Châlons.

César-Guillauje de la Luzerne, Bishop of Langres. Consecrated 30 September 1770 at Paris, Church of the Visitation, rue Saint-Antoine, by Christophe de Beaumont du Repaire, Archbishop of Paris, assisted by ....

Christophe de Beaumont du Repaire, Bishop of Bayonne. Consecrated 24 December 1741 at Paris, Church of the Benedictine Nuns of Le Cherche-Midi, by Louis-Jacques Chapt de Rastignac, Archbishop of Tours, assisted by Gaspard de La Valette, Bishop of Autun, and by François de Crussol d`Uzes, Bishop of Blois.

Louis-Jacques Chapt de Rastignac, Bishop of Tulle. Consecrated 1 February 1722 at La Rochelle, Church of the Jesuits, by Jean-François de Valderies de Lescure, Bishop of Luçon, assisted by Jean-Claude de La Poype de Vertrieu, Bishop of Poitiers, and by Etienne de Champflour, Bishop of La Rochelle.

Jean-François de Valderies de Lescure, Bishop of Luçon. Consecrated 8 November 1699 at Paris, in the chapel of the archbishop`s residence, by Louis-Antoine de Noailles, Archbishop of Paris, assisted by ....

Louis-Antoine de Noailles, Bishop of Cahors. Consecrated 18 June 1679 at Paris, Church of Saint-Antoine des Champs, by François de Harlay de Champvallon,Archbishop of Paris, assisted by Dominique de Ligni, Bishop of Meaux, and by Hardouin de La Hoguette, Bishop of Saint-Brieuc.

François de Harlay de Champvallon, Archbishop of Rouen. Consecrated 28 December 1651 at Paris, Carthusians, by Nicolas Guidi di Bagno, Titular Archbishop of Athens and Apostolic Nuncio to France, assisted by Claude Auvry, Bishop of Coutances, and by Edouard Niole, Bishop of Bayeux.

Nicolas Guidi di Bagno, Titular Archbishop of Athens. Consecrated 29 March 1644 at Rome, chapel of Saint Pius in the Vatican, by Antonio Cardinal Barberini, the elder, O.F.M.Cap., assisted by Celso Zani, Bishop emeritus of Città della Pieve, and by Giovanni Battista Scannaroli, Titular Bishop of Sidon.

Antoniio Barberini the elder, O.F.M.Cap., Cardinal and Bishop of Senigallia, brother of Pope Urban VIII. Consecrated 2 February 1625 at Rome, in the Vatican, in the private chapel of the pope, by Laudivio Zacchia, Bishop of Montefiascone, assisted by Antonio Diaz, Bishop of Caserta, and by Lorenzo Azzolini, Bishop of Ripatransone.

Laudivio Zacchia, Bishop of Montefiascone. Consecrated 28 August 1605 at Rome, Santa Maria in Vallicella, by Pietro Cardinal Aldobrandini, Archbishop of Ravenna, assisted by Paolo Alberi, Archbishop emeritus of Ragusa, and by Metellus Bichi, Bishop of Sovana.

Pietro Aldobrandini, Cardinal and Archbishop of Ravenna. Consecrated 17 October 1604 at Rome, Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano, by His Holinesss Pope Clement VIII, assisted by Francesco Cardinal Tarugi, Alessandro Cardinal de Medicis, and by Ottavio Cardinal Bandini.

Ippolito Aldobrandini, Pope Clement VIII. Consecrated 2 February 1592 at Rome, by Alfonso Cardinal Gesualdo, Bishop of Ostia et Velletri, Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals, assisted by Ptolomeo Cardinal Galli, Bishop of Frascati, and by Gabriele Cardinal Paleotti, Bishop of Sabina.

Alfonso Gesualdo, Cardinal and Archbishop of Conza. Consecrated 23 April 1564 by Francesco Cardinal Pisani, Bishop of Porto, assisted by ....

Francesco Pisani, Cardinal and Bishop of Padova. Consecrated 5 May 1527 at Rome by Alessandro Cardinal Farnese, Bishop of Ostia, assisted by ....

Alessandro Farnese, Cardinal and Bishop of Frascati, the future Pope Paul III. Consecrated 2 July 1519 at Rome, Vatican, Hall of the Signatura, by His Holines Pope Leo X, assisted by Lorezno Cardinal Pucci, Bishop of Melfi, and by Andrea Cardinaldella Valle, Bishop of Mileto

Giovanni de Medici, Pope Leo X. Consecrated 17 March 1513 at Rome by Raffaele Cardinal Sansoni Riario, Bishop of Ostia e Velletri, assisted by ....

Raffaele Sansoni Riario, Cardinal and Bishop of Albano. Consecrated 9 April 1504, atRome, Vatican, by Pope Julius II, assisted by Antoniotto Cardinal Pallavicini, Bishop of Orense, and by Giovanni Cardinal San Giorgio, Bishop of Parma.

Giuliano della Rovere, the future Pope Julius II, Cardinal Bishop of Sabina. Consecrated in 1481 by his uncle, Pope Sixtus IV. (see Francesco Paolo Sperandio, Sabina sagra e profana, antica e moderna ossia, p.235)

Francesco della Rovere, O.F.M.Conv., Pope Sixtus IV.  Consecrated 25 August 1471 at Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome, by Guillaume Cardinal d'Estouteville, O.S.B., Bishop of Ostia e Velletri.

Guillaume d'Estouteville, O.S.B., Bishop of Digne.  Consecrated 10 January 1440 at Florence, probably by Pope Eugene IV.  Until the consecrator of Cardinal d'Estouteville is verified, the lineage temporarily ends at this point.

The living bishops of the d'Estouteville line

*Bernard Aubertin, O.Cist., Archbishop of Tours

*Armand Maillard, Archbishop of Bourges

*Guy Thomazeau, Archbishop of Montpellier

*Laurent Ulrich, Archbishop of Lille

*Pierre Plateau, Archbishop emeritus of Bourges

*Hubert Barbier, Archbishop emeritus of Bourges

*Jean-Christophe Lagleize, Bishop of Valence

*Jean-Marie Le Vert, Bishop of Quimper

*Gilbert Louis, Bishop of Châlons

*Michel Pansard, Bishop of Chartres

*Alain Planet, Bishop of Carcassonne

*Yves Boivineau, Bishop of Annecy

*Henri Brincard, C.R.S.A., Bishop of Le Puy-en-Velay

*Bernard Housset, Bishop of La Rochelle

*François Jacolin, M.D.P., Bishop of Mende

*Gérard Coliche, Titular Bishop of Alet and Auxiliary of Lille

*Claude-Joseph Azéma, Titular Bishop of Murcona and Auxiliary of Montpellier

*Jacques David, Bishop emeritus of Evreux

*Jean-Charles Thomas, Bishop emeritus of Versailles

*François-Mathurin Gourvès, Bishop emeritus of Vannes

*Edmond Abelé, Bishop emeritus of Digne

*Yves Bescond, Titular Bishop of Aquae Thibilitane and former Auxiliary of Meaux

*Alphonse Georger, Bishop emeritus of Oran

Of special note is the fact that all twenty three bishops were born in France and twenty two were consecrated for service in France.