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The Hywar Extreme executive and the full version install were Last updated 06/16/09 10:00 A.M
To accomodate vista users I have changed the installation wizard to install the application into your My Documents folder.  If installing on a vista machine after installation you need to navigate to My Documents\Hyborian War Extreme\Classes and then right click on Vista DLL Install.Bat and select run as administrator.  This file will regester the DLLs that my installer does not. 
The executive has been updated in several areas the one most annoying to me was that I noticed after you initially created a game and if you did not enter your account number and such I never left a way for you to get back to the account information to enter it.  thus I created the neccessary edit boxes in email set up to change RSI account number and name.
For comments about the program or questions concerning anything related please make a comment on the ROK at http://www.warbarron.com/rok/showthread.php?t=2487
To download the application which is nolonger held at this site please go to http://www.warbarron.com/hywar/hywar.zip