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Michael Raines has an extensive background in all things mechanical, electrical,

hydraulic, pneumatic, and automation.

 From designing to prototyping, and manufacturing and product testing.

With the ability to explain how many things work, in layman’s terms.

He is also quick witted and can think on my feet, and can be very serious and funny at the same time.

Hot Roding and custom cars have been a passion of mine for over 30yrs, I have customized everything from bikes to boats!

And has been in the business a long time and has extensive hosting experience.

In the past I have judged, car shows, car audio shows, motorcycle shows.

And have worked in those industries!


On the TV show THE COLONY (10 episodes) for DICOVERY channel he stripped down a car for stunt driving,  and performed a series of stunt exhibitions on the show.

 Not only can he perform precision driving, andI can build anything to do it with.

He also built an electric trike for the same show, for the same purpose.


Michael Raines knows solar power and electricity better than most electricians, and has built sold, and installed all sorts of solar arrays.

He is also well versed in grid tie inverters, and regular pure sine inverters for charging batteries and battery charge controllers and other electronic devices for the industry.

Michael Raines is also a proficient inventor with a U.S. patent in my name for a vitamin organizer.

He has dozens of inventions some of which you will see in the real called the shop.

Michael Raines is also knowledgeable regarding alternative fuel vehicles, from bio-fuel to hybrids and hydrogen vehicles and pure electric vehicles.

In addition he has replicated Fleischmann–Pons cold fusion experiment; you can view it on YouTube.

But I am most proud of my electric motorcycle, which is also featured on the reel called the shop.


He is most noted for his appearance

 on the COLONY season 1

(he was the most popular character on the show).

Michael Raines is THE REAL LIFE MacGuyver!!!!!!!!!