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the PILLPOPPER 30 day vitamin organizer



Just push the button, and those day’s vitamins drops from the bottom of the organizer into your hand!


Each compartment can hold 50 pills!



Made from clear durable plastic, the PILLPOPPER comes with a stand (shown above) and a wall mount bracket.

The PILLPOPPER organizes your pills for 4 weeks!

Imagine how much time this organizer will save you every day.

Sizes available, small, medium. Large

(Large shown above).


Only 29.95

For product information contact;


1454 Yale St. Santa Monica Ca. 90404


Fx 310-828-7815

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Remote door opener!









The remote and receiver are the most secure on the market.

With 1 million codes revolving and ever-changing it is next to impossible to activate this system with an outside source.

Each family member can have their own remote and they may be able to enter the house without even needing a house key.

Another security feature is an optional wall mounted keypad in case you lose your remote.

This keypad can be programmed for keyless entry with multiple codes (the housekeeper no longer needs a key).

You have two systems to choose from.

Our complete system or the economy latch release system without a door opener.

No more fumbling for the keys in the

dark, just one click from the small remote to unlock your door and open it for you in less than four seconds.

The four-function remote can be programmed to open your front door, garage door and car alarm as well.

The doorman is the world’s smallest door opener, made of aluminum stainless and brass, with an aircraft grade servomotor powering a stainless steel worm drive.

The doorman also has a bypass function to work as a regular door closer if there should be a power failure.

Optional keypad entry and

Remote light control.


Design quality

The door opener is made of high-quality stainless, aluminum, nylon and copper.Every component used in this system is of high quality, and is UL rated.The multi function remote can operate the door opener your car alarm and your garage door and even a security light.


Safety features

This custom door opener is childproof and completely safe, and here's why.

No matter what mode or position the door opener is in, the door itself can be stopped from moving or be closed at any time.

For example, if there was anything to keep the door from a opening or closing such as a pet or a small child or grocery bags, the hydraulic shocks on the door opener will allow the actuator to fully cycle without the door moving, be it opening or closing.