Michael Raines

2006 Los Ageles Auto Show

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2006 Los Ageles Auto Show


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Michael Raines interview at SPYKER display at the 2006 LA AUTO SHOW

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Michael Raines is the host of this show and gives the workingman's perspective of the largest show of its type on the west coast.
His lighthearted take of the event is completely uninfluenced by the manufacturers. With a casual and Happy-go-lucky attitude, he brings you a witty and sometimes comical view of the vehicles and manufacturers.
The show highlights technical innovations from domestic manufacturers such as Ford and Chrysler all the way to the extreme and exotic manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Mercedes-Benz.
The DVD also takes you through custom and accessory displays, new innovations, wheel designs, custom car stereo installations, engine modifications, and the latest from various tire manufacturers.
The show also touches on the custom car craze along with full race vehicles.
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Hosted by Michael Raines & Angela Blevins