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My Address Santa monica ca. 90404

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Michael Raines

FILM           ROLE             DIRECTOR

Hell Of A Day   Bank robber          D.Abernathy

Pay back          Mobster                 Mel Gibson

Naomi's Web   Guard                    D.Abernathy

The Negotiator   Detective             Gary Gray

In the name of love  Cop                Steve thorp

Deep Impact      Cop                     20TH Century

Escape From L.A.  Video Cop     John Carpenter

Independence Day AWACS Pilot 20TH century FOX PRD.

Gods Of Skidrow   Lead-creature       A.A.David

Uncle(Take me home) Cop            Independent

longest season  interviewer           David O'Niel

Dark 30                  Cop                    A.A.David

Multiplicity Construction worker Harold Ramis

Dave                 Limo Driver          Ivan Reitman

Very Special People  Chauffeur     Sean Penn

Weekend Warriors Drill Sergeant Burt Convey



The COLONY   Fabricator 10 episodes   DISCOVERY/ Original prod.


Pitchmen      Inventor    DISCOVERY/ Original prod.


POPPA VIAGRA sketch  Average 1061 Productions


Tyrese video    homeless   Kenneth Taylor/BET

Call  911        SWATT                  DISCOVERY ID


Cable add    Store        Image402 Media Outlet


Operation REPO   kidnapper   ECHOSWORLD ENT.


The greatest American hero       mobster episode3,5,7.12,13      Red Jammies Entertainment


Planet green        Slob                 DISCOVERY


PSYCHIC challenge  cowboy    M cable television, inc.


Century optics/Industrial       DP/ acting                           Frontliner   prod.                                     ADR Video

LA court sys. Industrial    ARBITRATOR      ADR Video

THUNDER on the lot   Host/ biker     GIG to me Prod

GODHEAD video Thug Cement Shoes Records

FLASH.com TV spot man in car       Spear films

G-4 TV            Euro Thug                   Mike Shaw

NHL Promo spot(canada) Hardass Boss Cameron Brown

BIG ROCK beer (canada) Spoof on "24" Bill Buchnan Plaster CITY Prod.

2007 LA AUTO SHOW host/starring IMPACT FILMS

2006 LA BOAT SHOW host/starring IMPACT FILMS

2006 LA AUTO SHOW host/starring IMPACT FILMS


full throttle starring triage entertainment

America's Dumbest Criminals Four Episodes(starring) ADC Productions

Cable Commercial Prosecutor(starring) D.E.V. Media

Dreaming of Murder Paramedic Paramount T.V.

Cable Commercial Lawyer(starring) D.E.V. Media

J.A.G. Admiral's Aide     Belisarius Productions

Kindred         Mobster        Granite Productions

Saved by the Bell       Cop                 NBC

BH90210     High Roller    Spelling Productions

Home Court     Irate Father         Paramount TV

Dukes of Hazard(reunion) kidnapper Universal TV

The Rockford Files(reunion) Hit man Universal TV

Julie Takes On           Golf Pro                    HBO

Picket Fences             Bailiff                       FOX

Totally Pauly               Shrink(co-star)       MTV

Coca Cola Commercial Staring German Market