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orange county choppers, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Michael(hollywood) Raines


Starring Michael Raines

THE SHOP is a new and totally different build show, we will build machines from motorcycles to airplanes, and everything in between that we can dream up.

And unlike other build shows, the emphasis will be on having a good time and comedy rather than the arguing and stress as in Orange County choppers, American Hot Rod and other shows.

I (Michael Raines) have an incredible mechanical ability, along with the intriguing, off-the-wall personality. With myself as the host and the builder, along with a team of other metal fabricators and inventors will make this show very unique.

I'm not looking to compete with other build shows, I believe THE SHOP will be a totally different animal, and with content and genre that will set it aside for all other shows.

See the 12 minute demo on YOUTUBE.COM showing the highlights for the proposed first three shows.

The setting of the show will be set in Venice Beach California, a world famous location that everyone can relate to for being a wild and artistic beach community.

Riveted Metal and Media is the name of the company where this pilot was shot and it is actually in Venice Beach, and this facility is available for shooting.

If you'd like to learn more about THE SHOP and myself please feel free to contact my legal team or myself directly.



Official ABC site for Lost


7 killawatt electric bike with a custom single sided swing arm

click here to go to youtube.com to see the bike do a burnout!!!

pics from the electric bike fabrication.


Here you can see the seat pan and frame. A the drum brake I used from a 1985 Jetta (rear) and the single sidded swing arm.


Just looking to see how the perf stainless would work as a fender.
(I know, I know but it hardly rains in LA)


Notice that there is a jack shaft through the swing arm , instead of a long ass chain all the way back.


Here I am with the roller bending the stainless perf. fender.


The forks cam from a honda 250 sport bike ( it was free OK!)


Note the custom stainless tail light.


Notice the stainless custom turn sighnal and a good look at the swing arm.


The big sprocket in the middle is just a chain tentioner, and it looks cool.


SPECS; 600 amp curtis controller, 5K pot twist throttle from a scooter(new) 1 gage wire,48 volt system 30mi range( only 3 batt)
0-40 3 sec top speed 40-50 (low gears).


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.