2 x 4 Low Racer


I stumbled upon the idea of constructing recumbent frames of ordinary 2 x 4 lumber quite by accident.  I had designed a carbon fiber frame.  I greatly dislike working with epoxy.  I did not want to have to rebuild the frame if the geometry was faulty.  I decided to slap together a static wooden mock up to test seating position and such.  While building the static mock up, a method for mounting an active crank and front fork occurred to me.  Much better!, as now I could perform dynamic tests on the geometry.  The mock up handled very well indeed!  I stood back and looked at the 2 x 4 test bike.  It had taken only a few hours to construct; required no welding; was easily stong enough ( I later perfomed static load tests); and didn't weigh that much more than the projected weight of the carbon fiber version. 
I sell plans for a Low Racer (26"/20")pictured above.  At present I am including with the purchase of the Low Racer plans, a planset for the modification of the Low Racer to a  26"/ 26".   A drawing of the 26"/ 26" Modification is featured below. 

26/26 Modification

Plans for a 'Bachetta' type 26/26 are now available.

Bachetta Type video pass


Prices are $25.00 USD for each planset which will be emailed to the purchaser as a pdf file.  My prefered method of payment is Paypal.  I will accept checks or money orders mailed to the address below.  Specify which plan you are buying in an email directly to me.    Happy trails!

James Robinson
222 S. Washington St.
San Angelo,  Texas  76901-4163
(325) 655-9299