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March 2014


Bishop, Anne - Murder of Crows

Briggs, Patricia - Night Broken

Brooks, Terry - The High Druid's Blade

Cook, Glen - Working God's Mischief

Cooper, Elspeth - The Raven's Shadow

Cornell, Paul - Severed Streets

Egan, Greg - The Arrows of Time

Elliott, Will - The Pilgrims

Gunn, Eileen - Questionable Practices

Harrison, Kim - The Undead Pool

Herbert, Brian, & Kevin J. Anderson -

Mentats of Dune

Jones, Diana Wynne, & Ursula Jones -

Islands of Chaldea

Jones, Stephen Graham, & Paul Tremblay -

The Floating Boy and the Girl Who Couldn't Fly

Kashina, Anna - The Blades of the Old Empire

Lafferty, Mur - The Ghost Train to New Orleans

Lord, Karen - The Galaxy Game

MacLeod, Ken - Descent

Mcguire, Seanan - Half-Off Ragnarok

Miller, Ian - The Art of Ian Miller

Parks, Richard - To Break the Demon Gate

Pratchett, Terry - Raising Steam

Sanderson, Brandon - Words of Radiance

Schroeder, Karl - Lockstep

Sweet, Caitlin - The Door in the Mountain

Tem, Steve Rasnic - Blood Kin

VanderMeer, Ann, & Jeff VanderMeer, eds. -

The Time Traveler's Almanac


February 2014

Aaronovitch, Ben - Broken Homes

Anderson, Poul - The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson, Volume 6: A Bicycle Built for Brew

Block, Francesca Lia—Teen Spirit

Christopher, Adam - Hang Wire

Forstchen, William R. - Pillar to the Sky

Foyle, Naomi - Astra

Friedman, C. S. - Dreamwalker

Harris, Joanne - The Gospel of Loki

Lee, Sharon - Carousel Sun

McDonald, Ian - Empress of the Sun

Mcguire, Seanan - Letters to the Pumpkin King

McKiernan, Dennis L. - Stolen Crown

Morden, Simon - Arcanum

Peek, Ben - Dead Americans

Sapkowski, Andrzej - Baptism of Fire

Steele, Allen - V-S Day

Tierney, Kathleen - Red Delicious

VanderMeer, Jeff - Annihilation

Weber, David - Like a Mighty Army

Wright, John C. - The Judge of Ages

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