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5 Questions with Larry Correia



        A couple of months ago our little group read Monster Hunter International. It was a lively book discussion and we found more than a few fans among our group. We sent off our set of 5 interview questions for the author. Mr. Correia was kind enough to send along some responses! If you haven't picked up any of the Monster Hunter series yet, you should run out and grab one!

        Mr. Correia, thanks again sir for taking the time for us. The Monster Hunter series is great! Legion is due out in 2012. I've seen that there are 3 others "planned". Do you have an over arcing master plan? How long do you expect the series to run?


There is one big story arc planned using Owen Pitt as the main character. The last book in that series is tentatively called Monster Hunter Omega. However I'm not exactly sure how long it is going to take to get there. With Monster Hunter Alpha I experimented with doing other books in the same timeline from different character's point of view, and it was really popular. I have at least two more books planned in the series from other people, interspaced with more from Owen. Monster Hunter Legion is up next, and it is an Owen book, but after that is Monster Hunter Nemesis which is about Agent Franks.


Some fans are quite taken with secondary characters (like Edward and Tanya). Will we see any other stories like those you've made available already for the Monster Hunter series? (personal note – my wife told me to ask this... just sayin)


Yes. I've been asked to do more short stories by my publisher, and eventually I'd like to have enough to do a whole anthology. I'm a sucker for giving everybody backstory, so I'm looking forward to finally telling them.   


It is increasingly difficult to find interview questions that haven’t been covered by/for authors who have embraced the Internet. Given the rapid expansion of online video, social networking and blogging how do you picture the role of the author in the future?


It is evolving. I don't really know if any of us know where it is going to end up eventually. You've got already established authors self publishing their old works online and brand new authors experimenting with online serials and that kind of thing. I mostly use the internet because I'm really opinionated and would probably be a blogger even if I wasn't a published author. It is going to be really exciting to see what happens in the near future. All I know for sure is that if you are an author, you really owe it to your fans to have some sort of internet presence.


Fan fiction is always a hot topic on the web. Some authors embrace this interaction with fans, others shun and discourage it. How do you feel about Fanfic and do you know of any for your characters?


I love fanfic, though I can't ever admit to reading any of it for legal reasons. There are several ongoing MH fanfics online and I know that there are a bunch over on the fiction section of  Heck, I'm a professional, and I still write fanfic for kicks once in awhile set in other people's universes, usually just to practice or to entertain myself.


5. Obligatory oddball question: If you could have a super power, what would it be?


Gravity manipulation. Anyone that has read my novel Hard Magic will understand why.


By Eric Hardenbrook