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7. Texas Guitar Show 2005

Look who visited the Amalfitano Pickups booth at the Arlington Texas Guitar Show on October 15th and 16th 2005.
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Rick Derringer

Rick Derringer (right) who is representing WARRIOR GUITARS, was "digging in" at the Amalfitano Pickups booth had this to say with a smile..."SPANKIN"!

Stevie Newman of the"Domino Kings" (below) liked the pickups so much that he absolutely, positively had to acquire a set, or two, or three. 

Jerry with Stevie Newman of the "Domino Kings"

(Below left) The Legendary blues guitarist Alan Haynes and myself.

Alan Haynes and Jerry Amalfitano

Rocky Athas (below right) (Armadillo Music Recording Artist) stopped by to say hello and obtained his Amalfitano Pickups.

Jerry Amalfitano and Rocky Athas

(Below l-r) An extraordinary individual and good friend, Les Walker; Myself with my son, Anthony (the only cute one in the photo) and Frank (can do ANYTHING Guitar Tech) Whetstine taking a break from the excitement to pose with Bluesbreaker, Buddy Whittington (second from right).

Anthony's the only cute one of the bunch.

America's Most Wanted

(Above l-r) Les Walker; Infamous Texas singer/songwriter, Ray Wylie Hubbard; "Rocky Athas Band" Bass Guitarist, Guthrie Kennard; and John Mayall's Bluesbreaker, Buddy Whittington.

Jerry Amalfitano, Bugs Henderson, Les Walker

Les Walker and I sandwich the Great Blues Guitarist,  Mr. Bugs Henderson.

Jon and Chet

Friends of mine, Jon May and Chet Stevens (with guitar) dropped by to check out the sound.

"I would like to personally thank everyone that visited my booth and hope you all had a wonderful time that weekend.  I know I sure did".
Jerry Amalfitano

The Booth at  the Arlington Guitar Show 2005.

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