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6. Friends

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Rocky Athas

Armadillo Music recording artist, Rocky Athas, uses Amalfitano Pickups in his Custom  Fender Strat, as well as his other guitars, had this to say;
"What a sound these guys have.  They're super fat and round when you crank up the volume for lead work.  They also give clean, rich tones when you turn down to play rhythm.  They're never thin sounding.  To me, they offer the perfect full-range tone you really need for a Strat".

Michael Burks

Devon Allman

Alligator Records recording artist, Michael Burkshas Amalfitano Pickups SP and TP sets in his guitars for his high energy shows.  He says;
"These are bad ass pickups and it's no joke.  When I play them, I smell smoke".

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Livewire Recording Artist, Devon Allman, had this comment about his Amalfitano Pickups Fullbucker Set;
Bro,  I finally played a full show with the pickups ..damn man I'm sold ..I LOVE THEM .....Our new website is coming out soon and there will be your logo , link and a quote from me ...look for this in August as it will coincide with our new record coming out .....
They sounded amazing ....I'm attaching a file ....we happened to pull off  "Purple Rain"  at the last show and you can really hear your pickups at work at the end solo.
Cheers !

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