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4. Friends

Steve Rhian with Deryl Dodd

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Steve Rhian (right) lead guitar player for country recording artist Deryl Dodd (left) is playing his Tele outfitted with Amalfitano Pickups at one of their shows.

"Warm and fat sounding.  The bridge pickup is not screechy or overly bright.  It displays an extended tonal frequency and greater balance compared to stock pickups.  I have found them to be very responsive to pick attack and have a less compressed, more open sound with increased fidelity, especially in the midrange.  The pickup doesn't sacrifice anything for higher output and is actually quieter than most of the the other hotter Tele bridge pickups I've tried over the years owing to Jerry's unique wax potting method".

"The neck pickup is surprisingly high output and is a great match with the bridge making the middle position stronger, and both middle and neck positions more useful for soloing and comping.  I've had great results with this set, and even find that it can approach a nice jazzy tone at low volume using the neck pickup with the amp set clean.  This is a teriffic set that is sure to catch fire with the Telecaster crowd".

John Spears


John Spears creator of the Swamp-Thang effects pedal had this to say;  "I had a booth at the 2005 Atlanta Guitar Show recently and had probably 30 people demo my pedals with the Strat I had your pickups in.  Every one of them commented on how great the guitar sounded, both with the pedals on and off".

Mr. Telewacker himself,  Redd Volkaert, had this to say about his set of Amalfitano Pickups;
"I Like 'em...They're Great"!

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