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The Pickup Army

Welcome to Amalfitano Pickups 

I create hand-wound custom guitar pickups for your personal sound. I can also rewind vintage non-working pickups and restore them back to original specifications or any specification you desire.

Have you ever wondered why older vintage pickups tend to sound special and why they are preferred by many professional guitar player's?

That's because they were all hand made. Pickups that are hand assembled will always sound better than mass produced, automated machine made pickups.
I am producing simply the most musical sounding and well-balanced pickups available.
All my pickups utilize a technique called "Scatter Winding". I layer on the fine magnetic wire in a non-uniform pattern that disperses the sterile sounding attributes inherent to machine made pickups. They are assembled using high grade Alnico magnets, and premium parts. All are wax potted to eliminate microphonics; (An undesirable squealing tone which is induced from vibrating components in or about a pickup).  Not to be confussed with feedback.
All pickups can be completely custom made for each individual player's needs.
If you require a vintage sound or a hotter wound pickup just let me know and one will be assembled to your specifications.
Feel free to call or e-mail me and let me know what Amalfitano Pickups can build for you. 
Thank you.                  
                 Jerry Amalfitano

Pickup supplies

"All parts used in the construction of my pickups are personally chosen for quality assurance".
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