Fun in the Desert XVI Sept. 28th-30th 2007

  All 7 of our trails are rated on a 1to 5 scale, with 5 being the most difficult. They are rated for the most difficult part of the trail. Two solid lockers are recommended with a requirement of at least a working limited slip in front and a solid locker in the rear. 33" or larger tires are required and low gears are necessary. All CA4WDC Inc. safety requirements will be enforced. No one will be allowed on the trail who does not meet these requirements....NO EXCEPTIONS. Please make sure your vehicle is in top operating condition. These trails are tight and have very few escape routes. An extradition crew will be available to assist those in need. There will be very few spotters available, so it behooves each driver to watch the vehicles in front of him/her to ascertain the correct path.

   These trails are designed for short wheelbase vehicles. Some trails will not permit fullsize and/or long wheelbase vehicles. Minor body damage is a distinct possibility for any vehicle. The trails are also very technical in nature. They require low gears not horsepower.


   This is our original trail. The canyon is part of the Fissure Mountain Trail. It is broken into three sections with a total length of about 1.2 miles. It is non-stop technical rock crawling from the bottom to the top. This trail is rated at 5. On the top, the trail continues across the mountain with a couple of hill climbs and descends on the east side, down the original up-hill. The downhill is an experience all in it's own. A full size vehicle can make this trail.

35 inch tire. Rear locker and front limited slip alright.


   This is now the king of the hills. This trail is the toughest of the group. It is a righteous 5+, with the only relief on top, where you go up a narrow rocky ridge. There you make a hard right turn onto a narrow, off-camber section across the top. Then comes a steep downhill into a whole new section of rocks, tight turns and dropoffs. This trail has real pucker factor and is not recommended for fullsize vehicles.

35 inch tires and front and rear lockers.


   This is the baby of the hammers. When you think baby, think baby Huey. A full 4+, a little shorter than the others but still very demanding. A fullsize can make this run. We have added an optional 5+ canyon at the top which is very loose and steep.

33 inch tires, rear locker and front limited slip.


   A little different from the rest, a more typical trail. First, up a sandy wash with rock obstacles here and there. A cruise until all of a sudden there's "depreciation knob" so named by a very experienced driver with a fullsize vehicle. Twisting back and forth, up , over and through the rocks you'll wish your vehicle was hinged in the middle. A conservative 4+.

33 inch tires, front and rear limited slips alright.


   A definate 5 here, it's actually two canyons. You start off with the smaller one and pass through "Sunbonnets Gate". Make a sharp right turn up and over the rocks as you pass through the gate. If you are lucky enough to make it to the top, you get to come down "Sunbonnet Slide". Assuming you make it through the squeeze, the rest of the trail is no more difficult than say, Sledgehammer. Fullsize rigs cannot make it through Sunbonnet Gate and will play heck making it through the squeeze.


   The newest and perhaps the most technical of the trails, with a minimum rating of 5.You travel out around the hills to the east. Then work your way across the rough alluvial, following the cairnes and enter the canyon. Up another twisty rocky climb, not as steep as Jackhammer. Then through three squeezes which will leave their mark on your short wheelbase vehicles. One of the squeezes requires putting one of your tires on top of rocks and snaking through off camber. This trail is not for fullsize vehicles.

35 inch tires and front and rear lockers


   This trail is the tightest and most technical of all our trails. Some will regaurd this as the toughest trail, it is very demanding.

36 inch tires and front and rear lockers

   Fisher Mtn. For those that are not ready for the hammers or want to go on a easier run. Most vehicles can do it with a moderate lift ,under armor, 32s and a rear locker or limited slip or 35s with out locker if you dare. The beginning of the trail is a 3+ for about 1 mile than it gets easier and sightseeing over all the valleys in the area. we also cross the landers fault line and can see it in both directions. near the end of the trail you can split the group up for the more equipped vehicles to make a run at the original jackhammer its a 3+ with a 45 degree climb down the side of the mountain only the better equipped vehicles
will be allowed to do this part of the run


 A word of advise for all these trails, bring your tire repair kits!




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