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High Desert Roundup '06
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                                                High Desert Roundup


  The Victor Valley 4 Wheelers were well represented at the 2006 HDR. Chuck led Shaner’s surprise on Friday. I was not able to attend the night run but by all accounts it was a great success. Apparently there was one near mishap. An inexperienced driver managed to slide sideways off the trail and needed to be towed out in order to avoid rolling off the ridge.

   Saturday some of us ran Pumpkin Eater, while others stuck to the mellower runs. A few even avoided the crowds altogether by running the trails after the guided runs finished (not a bad idea). This was my 1st time running Pumpkin Eater. The trail was quite fun but would have been much more enjoyable if we could have kept moving. The run dished up its’ share of carnage. I saw a bent tie-rod, 3 broken axles etc. We managed to get through with no breakage and only a small dent or two.

   Sunday we led the Calico run. We started the day watching the Gate Keeper swallow two Jeeps trying to enter Doran Canyon. I stayed back in order to help extract the Wrangler from the grip of the boulders. I caught up with the rest of the group traversing Odessa Canyon. After a quick tire repair on Matt’s Jeep we were once again back with the pack. Unlike my experience the day before, we were able to keep the group moving nicely. I heard only good comments from those in attendance. In fact, some of the participants say the Calico run is the only reason they attend HDR.

    Those of us who didn’t join the Calico run stayed back to play some games. Ted and Barry got 3rd place in the Blind Man for long wheelbase vehicles. Trent took the 1st place spot on the articulation ramp for long wheelbase vehicles. As usual Victor Valley 4 Wheelers placed 2nd in the Best Equipped challenge on Saturday night. Paul & Lisa won a $50 gift card along with a first aid kit at Sundays raffle. I don’t know the contents of Allan’s winnings but his family made a couple trips up to the stage gathering their loot.

    Good company, good wheeling and good weather (on Sunday) add up to a great weekend. We missed those of you that could not attend. Hope to see you all at the next event.

                                                                          Paul Bolduc

Desert Jewel

!st Place