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Vinny flexing his dad's jeep
Safari Night

Completed 2005 Runs

Ted's 3 Wheeling Liberty

   August 27th was a run to Pilot Rock followed by a club BBQ. The exitement of the day came from Ken & Connie. Ken decided to let his Rubicon take a nap. He gently laid it against a rock on it's right side. It sounded terrible dragging along the rock but only suffered minor damage.
   August 6th we ran our adopt a trail 2N17X. Club members were joined by ranger Greg from the Forest service. Also two members of our co-sponsers from the Hummer club accompanied us. We have a couple of substantial projects to accomplish. The most urgent is to repair erosion damage. The forest service has the material to secure the hillside, we need the manpower.
  The Fordyce/Rubicon run is complete (ok it's finished even though the trails weren't actually completed). Apparently it was a very eventful run. Both trails provided their share of carnage. Ron's CJ5 suffered 2 broke front axles. Brian's Jeepster fell prey to three, yes THREE, broken tierods. Dales Jeepster got to take a nap on it's side and also had the steering box pull from the frame. Out of the three jeeps pulling trailers, two of them lost their rear bumpers.
   Chuck and Cindy's Rubicon unlimited performed double duty. It not only spent a good portion of the trip retrieving trailers for the disabled vehicles, it also provided everyone with unlimited hot showers at camp.
   Abby the bloodhound also had a couple of encounters worth noting. She rustled up a rattlesnake and came within just a couple inches of the dangerous end. She also earned her keep when she chased a bear out of camp.
    Victor Valley Four Wheelers had 14 attendees at High Desert Roundup. We (ok.....Chuck) led two runs. Shaners Surprise on Friday night and Calico on Sunday. Other than a fuel delivery problem on the night run everything went off without a hitch. After being towed back to camp about 1AM repairs had to wait until Saturday. Once complete the fun resumed with no further problems.  
   Victor Valley 4 Wheelers took second place in the "Best Equipped" challange on Saturday night. Brian and Barry teamed up for a 3rd place finish in the "Horse shoe toss" on Sunday.
   Thanks to Chuck & Cindy for a great run to Last Chance Canyon April 15th-17th. This was a beautiful time of year to be in the desert. The scenery was spectacular throughout the entire trip. Exploring the Dulcer Cleanser mine and Schmidts tunnel were very interesting and a nice break from the sun. 
   We had a couple stock Jeeps with us that got to exercise themselves a little more than usual. The one V-notch in the canyon was a nice adventure for those of us looking to play a little harder.

Exiting Last Chance Canyon

Click here for more Last Chance pics.

Barry & Lydia joined Brian & Karen for a run to Moab. Between the rain, snow and stomache flu, they still managed to have a good time. Next time Moab will be scheduled a little farther away from the Easter run to avoid the crowds.

Barry @ Moab

Brian "IN" a V-notch @ Moab
This is the result when a draglink breaks at the wrong time (not that there is a right time).

Wayne's Sidekick
Testing his limits 2N17X

April 3rd was a run to check our adopt-a-trail 2N17X. Ted, Paul and our guest Wayne headed out @ 8:00AM. The trail was more challenging than normal. We found one washout that needs some attention. Other than that it appeared safe enough. There were a few spots to test driver and vehicle limits. Wayne's sidekick made all but the toughest hills with no help. The two hills he couldn't climb certainly weren't from from lack of enthusiasm.

   New Years @ Anza Borrego was a great time for all who attended. The weather cooperated fantasticaly. The ground was moist and even offered up an occasional mud puddle for the adventurous. The sky was lit up like the Fourth of July.

Trail ride around the ocotillos
New Years Run

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  January 15th was a snow run up 3N14. To start Ted winched Paul out of the 1st washout we encountered. As we progressed the snow got deeper and the fun began. We spent a couple hours trying to help unstick a Dodge Dakota that had been left since before the storm. The assistance was unsuccessful and the owner needed to return at a later date with more help. We made it back with no further mishaps and appeared to be having an easier time of keeping moving than some of the other wheelers we ran accross.