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1958 Volkswagen Sedan Color Combination Cards

Each of these vintage cards has actual samples of interior and exterior colors and materials used on sedans from 1958 (sorry, no convertibles.) Images of cards based on the following body colors are shown:
L41 Black L243 Diamond Grey
L225 Jupiter Grey L245 Light Bronze
L240 Agave Green L334 Glacier Blue

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1957-1958 Volkswagen Colors

Here's an update from September 1958 to the DuPont paint catalog that added VW color chips and corresponding DuPont formula numbers for the then new '57-'58 VW colors. Each page contains paint chips for the VW color codes listed:
L-73, L-225, L-258, L-329, L-331, L-351, L-374, L-378
L-31, L-53, L-232, L-311, L-312, L-316, L-324, L-412
L-37, L-240, L-241, L-243, L-245, L-334, L-335, L-338
L-87, L-248, L-333, L-337, L-353, L-352, L-472, L-473
L-354, L-417, L-428, L-431

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1960-1964 Volkswagen Sedan, Convertible & Ghia Colors

Here are color selections from the early 1960s as found in VW pamphlets titled "Volkswagen In These Colors," "Volkswagen 1200" and Volkswagen 1200 Karmann-Ghia." The 1964 Sedan and Ghia selections also show upholstery patterns:
"Volkswagen In These Colors 1960/61" (Sedan & Convertible)
L41, L391, L456, L478, L380
L87, L390, L10009, L54, L10018
Back Cover, "Volkswagen In These Colors 1960/61"
"Volkswagen in these colors 1962/63 Volkswagen 1200" (Sedan & Convertible)
L41, L456, L478, L380, L469, L87
L390, L398, L1009, L54, L1018
Back Cover, "Volkswagen in these colors 1962/63 Volkswagen 1200"
"Volkswagen 1200" (Sedan & Convertible, 1964)
Ruby Red
Pearl White
Sea Blue
Panama Beige
Java Green
Bahama Blue
Yukon Yellow, Poppy Red, Brunswick Blue
"Volkswagen 1200 Karmann-Ghia" (1964)
Upholstery Legend
Terra Brown/Pearl White
Manila Yellow/Black
Sea Blue/Blue White
Pacific Blue/Blue White
Pearl White/Black
Emerald Green/Blue White
Ruby Red/Black
Black/Pearl White
Polar Blue/Blue White
Anthracite/Pearl White

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1956-1957 & 1960 Karmann Ghia Paint Colors & Upholstery Samples

The following cards show actual Ghia upholstery samples and color schemes.  The first set of color combinations were used on Ghias from January 1956 until July 1957.  The second set are representative of coupes and convertibles from August 1959 until July 1960.  Special thanks to Ghia nut Rob Infante for supplying the scans of this vintage material!
L41 Black L259 Pelican Red
L317 Lizard Green L330 Trout Blue
L375 Antelope Brown L376 Gazelle Beige

L346 Mango Green L362 Midnight Blue
L444 Malachite Green L452 Paprika Red
L41 Black L364 Strato Blue
L87 Pearl White (Convertible) L41 Black (Convertible)

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Vintage Volkswagen Lacquers, Servicing Materials & Sealing Compounds

The following text pages list the part number, description and quantity used when ordering finishing material from Volkswagen as of May 1960:
Lacquers L11 - LKL210
Lacquers L213 - 335
Lacquers L336 - L477
Mixing Enamel LM10 - LM90 & Spray Cans L14.2 - L334.2
Spray Cans L335.2 - L451.2
Paint Tubes L14.3 - L473.3
Servicing Materials and Sealing Compounds

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The 1949-1959 VW Beetle, Authenticity Series, by Bob Wilson; Beeman Jorgensen, Inc., Publisher.

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Volkswagen Beetle, The Car of the Century, Volume Two, 1961-1980, by J.T. Garwood; J.T. Garwood, Publisher.

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Other Things Volkswagen:

Accessories: a few items for more driving pleasure. 1963 accessories brochure. No vintage VW is complete without accessories!

Hubcap clip and rivet tool (reproduction found on (where else?) EBay).

Magnetic ring for oil strainer (111 115 195). Installation instructions.

Deutsche Shell Volkswagen service station card, July 1960, for models up to August 1959.
Front of card. Back of card.

VW birth certificates! I know of two ways to receive factory information on your VW; both involve sending your request for information to Germany. The first method is a FREE service provided by VW customer service in Germany. I believe they can handle requests for vehicles as early as 1955. Be advised that this method is not as reliable as it once was - I've heard that VW is having problems with both the volume of requests and the quality/age of their archival material (microfiche). If it works, you'll receive a letter like this, with varying amounts of information. Send your request (along with your VIN!) to:

Customer Assistance
Volkswagen AG
Postfach 3180 
Wolfsburg 1, Germany

The second method of requesting factory information is to send your request to the Stiftung Auto Museum in Germany, along with a nominal fee of 15 EUR. They will also accept other currency in the correct exchange amount and will also accept VISA/MasterCard. The museum can handle requests for information on vehicles produced prior to 1956. They offer a certificate, which offers slightly more information on a given vehicle than the VW letter. Send your request (along with your VIN and payment) to:

Vehicle Identity Certificate
Dieselstraße 35 
D-38446 Wolfsburg, Germany

Telephone (05361) 52071
Open: Daily 10:00 to 17:00
Closed: Dec 24 to Jan 1


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  All information on these pages is sourced from literature that I own or has been provided
to me for posting (with credit given). If you see these scans anywhere else on the web (like on a certain 1958 Volkswagen site) be aware that they were lifted from this site without so much as a please or thank you.
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