Victoria Bottom Stripping & Fairing


I love the title of this page...... 

In the spring of 2009, my Brother-in-Law Jeff and I stripped 20 years of paint from Victoria’s bottom.  In the process, I repaired the few blisters that were lurking under the paint.  We used 3/4” wood chisels to peel the paint, sharpening them with diamond hand sharpeners about every 20 minutes.  On the rudder and keel, I used a carbide tipped paint scraper. After scraping and sanding we estimated that we removed about 50 pounds of paint. Afterward scraping, I sanded the bottom with a random orbit sander attached to a Shop-N-Vac using 60 grit followed by 120 grit. I faired the keel and the primed it with Interlux Primocon; the bottom paint is Pettit Hydrocoat.  The job took about 8.5 hrs to strip, 6 hrs to sand w/ 60 & 120 grit, 4 hrs to fair & prime the keel, 2 hrs to final sand, and 2 hrs to paint. Total: 22 hours to save $1800. Worth it.

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