DVD Assist
One shortcoming of Apple’s Front Row is the lack of support for VIDEO_TS folders. DVD Assist makes it possible to have a library of DVDs on your Mac and use the elegant Front Row interface to select and play them.
DVD Assist is an Applescript "Stay Open" applet to enable Front Row to select VIDEO_TS folders stored on your hard drive, or any volume accessible from the Finder with adequate throughput. DVD Assist takes advantage of a few unix tools to determine if Front Row has a movie open within a certain path. If it sees Front Row play a movie within a VIDEO_TS folder, it then tells Front Row to Quit, and opens the VIDEO_TS folder in DVD Player.
Please understand that this is a work-around. It does not enable any hidden features of Front Row, nor can it modify the appearance of Front Row. Given those limitations, it does a pretty good job of integrating VIDEO_TS folder playback into Front Row. If you have questions or comments, please visit AVSForum. Even if you are not interested in DVD Assist, it is a great place to go to discuss home theater computers, and anything AV related.
This program uses the Apple DVD Player software, which can only play back unencrypted VIDEO_TS folders from hard drives. Please consult your own country’s copyright and fair use guidelines before copying movies you have purchased to your hard drive. Please do not ask about programs that can circumvent the encryption used on commercial DVDs.
For a demo of DVD Assist, you might bop on over to mr. Obsession and see screenshots and a YouTube presentation.