My Pep Boys Collection

The early years

The early years
The Pep Boys

This is the start of the whole story.


Dana, Manny Moe and Jack, along with Erik.This was the day my addiction to collecting Pep Boys memorabilia truly started. I haven't stopped,nor will I anytime soon..

Hi, I have been collecting Pep Boys memorabilia for about twenty five years. It all started when my uncle Bob showed up one day and said I have something I think you would be interested in? He new I was a car guy and he went out to his car and out came Manny, Moe and Jack from the trunk. (Above) I had the Boys for a few years and didn't really  know what more I could do with them, I did really like them though. But as most people know when buying a house comes along, you have to make sacrifices, and the Boys were it. I regretted selling them even before they left my sight. So then the collecting disease hit me, and the rest is history. As you will see in the pages to follow and as my collection progresses. I have an office in my house for the boys to hang out in, and some larger signs out in the garage.

Here is a rare photo of myself and the Boys at a secret meeting place I am trying to convince Moe that I need some old store signs for my collection.



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Hope you enjoy my Pep Boys memorabilia web site!