KFLLUTZ5 Weather- Lutz, Florida

Rapid Fire Weather-KFLLUTZ5-Real Time Observations

KFLLUTZ5-Weather Station
Southern Pasco County, Florida, USA
Operated By J. Ferguson

Click Here For Daily Weather Observations (Graphs and charts of weather data listed at 5 minute intervals as well as data from previous days)This link will take you to the Weather Underground data page for my station.


Weather Station Location
Rowland Pickert Lane, 1/4 Mile North of County Line Road, Pasco County, Florida (Just west of State Highway 41 @ County Line Road) Pasco-Hillsborough County Line.
Lat: N 28 10 ' 22 '' ( 28.173 )
Lon: W 82 27 ' 54 '' ( -82.465 )
Elevation: 65 ft


Click on the "Rapid Fire Weather KFLLUTZ5" link above for real time weather observations from this weather station


Station Hardware: Davis Vantage Pro 2w/solar powered fan aspirated temp sensor
Software: VWS V12.07

During periods of severe weather KFLLUTZ5 can be reached on UHF Frequency 467.8500
The system is powered during all wx conditions and data is transmitted during power outages as the computer link is powered by an emergency back-up generator.


Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station



Please take note...we seem to have found the real cause of Global Warming......Somebody please tell Al Gore......

Well here we are in 2010, Hurricane Season 09 is now well past us and we have had the January 2010 great Florida Freeze.....
Besides a few yellow lawns, some plants that need to be trimmed, things are looking up!
The rains are great, need to replenish or groundwater!
Past Updates
Hurricane season 08 has come and gone with little effect on the local area, We look forward to 2009 and hope that everyone is safe and knows to stay prepared. Preparation is the key to survival in any kind of emergency, weather related or homeland security type incidents.
Please consult your local county or state authorities  or the  American Red Cross to formulate a family evacuation plan, have necessary supplies to get through at least 5 to 7 days minimum.
Be sure to remember to keep a minimum of a 7 day supply of food and water for your pets. Microchip your pets, have recent pictures of them just in case they get seperated from you. Wooden fences can be the first casualty of high winds, keep pets indoors during the most severe part of the storm, check fences before letting them out afterwards!
Have a supply of prescription medicines on hand as pharmacies may not be operational. Keep a well stocked first aid kit. Many outlets have good extended use kits, West Marine sells a good kit(400 Medical Kit) that can handle most emergencies. Contact the Red Cross or your local Fire Department for information on First Aid/CPR Training resources in your community.
Batteries should be checked for freshness and replaced as needed. Keep 3 to 5 flashlights (two for every family member plus batteries) on hand as well as a battery powered radio for information after a storm hits. Check batteries for expiration dates, rotate your supplies and replace as necessary.
Do not operate generators in enclosed living spaces. Do not operate them inside your garage. Outside is the only acceptable location, away from open windows or doors.Do not burn wood or charcol fires to provide warmth or cook in enclosed living spaces. Use a propane grill outdoors, away from windows or doorways to cook. A battery powered CO2 alarm can be a life saver, a must if you are planning to use a generator. Place the alarms in sleeping areas and in family rooms where you spend a lot of time.
Stay clear of down power lines and trees (live wires can be hidden in debris). Report  down live wires to your local police/fire department. Use care if you store gasoline for generators, make sure containers are closed tight, do not store flammable liquids around ignition sources such as water heaters or other areas where a spark can ignite vapors. Gasoline needs to be rotated as it breaks down over time, use it in your lawn mower or car and replace with fresh every 60 to 90 days. Best bet is to store it outside in a metal locker away from all ignition sources. DO NOT STORE GASOLINE INDOORS OR IN YOUR GARAGE !!! A simple spark from a water heater or light switch can ignite gasoline vapors and create a disaster in addition to the weather disaster!!!
If you are not injured, keep telephone use to a minimum after an emergency, circuits get overloaded and people with life threatening emergencies cannot get through. Remember 911 services are for life threatening emergencies only. Have a plan that lets you make one call or notification to a designated family member to let them know you are OK, this will free up telephone lines from relatives calling to see how you are. Make sure you keep a vehicle charger handy for your cell phone in case the power is out for extended periods. Remember, cell phone towers may have been blown down in a severe storm, you may not have service where you are used to having it. Cellular circuits may become over extended and you may not be able to make calls due to high volume of calls being placed.
Be prepared to fend for yourself for a minimum of 5 to 7 days as disaster aid is not always immediate. A good plan is to have 7 or more days of supplies on hand. An excellent plan is to be prepared to be self sufficient for at least 2 weeks.  Self reliance and thoughtful preperation is the best policy for surviving a severe storm and it's aftermath. Staying alert to hazardous weather can save your life !!!



September 8, 2010,
Today marked a new component added to my weather station, for over 10 years I have been operating a Sony Vaio computer 2.8 dual core that has been online for almost the entire 10 years.
Today I installed a weatherplug, a handy little device that is smaller than most ac adapter. It allows my weather data to stream to weather underground without the use of a laptop or full desktop. It plugs directly into the router, and the Vantage Pro 2 usb plug is direct input to the weather plug. No more unexpected shutdowns or data loss because the generator didn't kick in.  It solved the problem of the power going off for 2 to 3 minutes and then the computer did not reboot. Great device!!!
Well we are deep into Hurricane season 2010 and so far we have been lucky, Earl took a short-cut to Canada, Gaston fizzeled and we have had a relatively quiet season, the tropics are active and we will see where it goes from here on out!
Stay safe and prepare as you are your own source of rescue when it all goes south!
First major update in a while. January 16th, 2010.
Had a hard drive go bad and had to reformat, reinstall my Weather software, lost some archive data. The good news is that it is all back online and running smooth. The Davis Insturments Vantage Pro 2 station is working well, no major complications, equipment is outstanding!
Thanks to all who use the site and data!


Replaced Temp/Humidity Sensor on 03/03/07

Data should be correct as of 0853 today's date.


Station seems to be back to normal, replacing temp/humidity sensor resolved the problems. Stations should be cleaned and battery replaced as needed.

Update January 7th, 2009

Replaced batteries on the Vantage pro unit, cleaned all insect screens and got rid of the frogs that decided to make the fan aspirated temp sensor home....put an additional screen to keep the critters out!


Weather Underground


Weather Radios save lives !! A simple investment in a NOAA Weather alert radio can give you the needed time to take shelter in a Tornado and or Hurricane !!! Make sure it is placed where you can hear it during the nightime hours. It does you no good if you turn the volume down or off and if you place it where you cannot hear it during the night hours. Most Tornado deaths occur during the night when people are asleep.
Know the area you live in, keep an eye out for things out of the ordinary, know evacuation routes. If you are in an area subject to storm surge, monitor news and weather info for storm surge information.
Whatever you do, do not cross flooded roadways, follow the saying "Don't drown-turn around"....It only takes a shallow amount of fast moving water to push a full size car or pickup truck off the road.
I cannot stress enough the benefit of knowing what is happening around you and your family at all times. All too often people miss the little signs that something is amiss and the best way to explain this is that if a situation does not feel right, stop, look around, evaluate your surroundings and safety and make decisions based on safety and common sense. You can apply this to everyday life, be aware, be safe and know your surroundings.

Weather Equipment
Davis Insturments- They stand behind their warranties on Weather equipment. Great customer service  !!
Ambient Weather- Top notch supplier of Quality Weather Equipment. Great customer service !!
Frys.com (Outpost.com) for NOAA Weather Radios
Radio Shack is another retailer that has NOAA Weather Radios
Publix has weather radios at a good price.
West Marine (first aid kits)
400 Medical kit is a great buy for 79.99, has most supplies needed for extended use during an emergency where medical care can be delayed  http://www.westmarine.com

Click here for a google map of area that station is located

Click Here to go to Pasco County Office of Emergency Mngmt Web Site (evacuation maps, info)

Click here for a link to a planning sheet offered by Pasco County, Great Checklist !!

Several online sites offer subscription weather services, Weather Underground is one of my favorites. Most of the Bay area news stations have cellular text messaging for severe weather, Try to use ones that are "zip code" specific for real time info that relates to your location.


Webmasters....Elliot (left). Merlin (Right) and Elphaba (Below)....they also guard the weather station.....Elphaba makes sure that birds do not land on or disturb the weather equipment!
Merlin has left us and gone where good dogs go....He is up there watching over all of us...he will be missed!