Team Breen

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Mod Arrow

Well After losing the Arrow a few weeks ago we ordered a new kit that my father plans to build and Friday I got the itch to build a modifyed Arrow so at 6 PM  friday I started this progect and it was ready to fly sunday at 12 midnight. some of the mods that I made where to widen the fuse and change the turteldeck I also added a closed cockpit and took the polyhedral out of the wing and just put in some dihedral . On Nov 26 2007  Right at dark we cranked in a littel over 1000 winds on the Mod Arrow and flew it for 1 min 30.68 sec in no lift . I am now runing a 11.5" prop with a  6 Strands of 1/8 32" long . It turns the prop really slow and makes the plane look very gracfule in the air. ( I got to get a biger place to fly befor I go any more winds or fly it in lift :)  Well On  Dec 22 we cranked in a litel over 1000 winds agin and flew for 1min 31.6 sec and on the 27 with the same winds we flew 1 min 32.97 sec both flights where flown right at dark with a 8 strands of 1/8 mottor 40" long.



Cents I was scratch building this one, I desided to do away with the sheet wood in the fuse to lighten it up some.


After our experance with the other arrow I desided to widen the fuse on this one to make it easer to get the motor (Rubber) in it and also I hoped that along with cross braces and a difrent turtel deck would help stiffen the back of the plane up.